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Friday, May 6, 2011
Reported by Gabriella

In the morning what we did was our normal morning business which is check our boxes and check of that we had all of our homework.

Then we switched to our math class because we were doing part two of the Star test, Ms. Spadini was telling us of the rules and what we do when we are finished! It wasnít that difficult just a couple of problems!

Next we switched back to our class and played a game called Define It which is when you roll a dyes and you have to define the word that goes with the number Texas (the group that Iím in) is now losing we are getting beat New York and leaving Hawaii in the middle.

After that we did science where we were practicing because will be testing for science to what we did is if you get the answer right and Mr. Coley calls on your number you get a piece of licorice! I had missed two of them!

Then we switched to our Liteture Circle job the group that Iím in ,the yellow group, has now chosen a new book called the Transal Saga which is about a boy going to dessert and mysterious thing happen to him!

Then we read a chapter of a book called Sighn of the Beaver which is about a young boys parents leave him for seven weeks with a rifel in the woods alone it is very good so far!

Then we did our Friday Buisness which was announce the student of the week and the weekly homophone challenge but we werenít able to play Deal or No Deal because the computer wasnít working!

Then we played Nation Ball with Mr. Hennings class unfortunately we lost better luck next time

Thatís what happened on May 6 this is Gabby sighning thanks for checking The Daily Blog!

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