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Tuesday, May 10, 2011
Reported by Ethan #9

Today started out to be a good morning.  I usually ride my bike to meet my friend before school, but today I got a ride from my Mom.  When I got to school, I played basketball until the bell rang and then we lined up in front of Room #34 like we normally do to wait for class to start.  Mr. Coley came around the corner to let us in. 

Next, we all went straight to our desks and dropped our backpacks off.  Then, we got our homework out, set it on our desk. Then Mr. Coley told us to hold out our permission slips for the field trip to Thompson Middle School. Then we passed the slips up the row.

After that, Mr. Coley passed out our answer sheets and books for STAR testing. Today the testing was on science.  We tested for about an hour.

When that was over, we went to the computer lab. When we got there, Mr. Coley said, “If you need to take a test on your book, go ahead and do it, if not do Fast Math. When we were done with Fast Math we all did book blogs for about fifteen minutes, then we left to go back to our classroom.

Back in our classroom we got our Social Studies book and packet. We went over the pages we already did and did the rest of the packet.  After that, we got out our math materials before it was time for recess.

When recess was done, we went to our Math classes. In Math we started a two page test for a review. When we were done with the test, we read our books until it was time to leave to our homeroom teacher, Mr. Coley.

Once back in Mr. Coley’s classroom, we started working on our writing prompt.  We had fifteen minutes to write down our graphic organization.  We had to write three reasons why we should wear uniforms to school.  After our time was up, Mr. Coley told us to get our homework into our backpacks and get our library books that are due back. 

At the library, we dropped our books off in the return basket and were told to read until the bell rang.  The bell rang and we got our backpacks and left for the day.

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