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Wednesday, May 11, 2011
Reported by Joseph

Today’s Wednesday! The first thing we did was M.B. that stands for morning business. We just checked our homework as always. Then we went on to our science test. I had to go to a different room with Jasmine and Sheyenne.

After that we played Define It! I wasn’t there for the game because I was still testing, but I know the scores. Hawaii has fourteen points.  Texas, my table also has fourteen points.  Last but not least New York, they have thirteen points. 

Next, we started social studies.  Right now we’re making our own test.  We have to write five questions.  They are multiple choice. 

After that we started our writing prompt.  Some people started today and everyone else should started it tomorrow.  I’ll probably start mine tomorrow. 

After, we went out to recess.  I just ate my snack and played kick ball.  My team almost won.  It was fun.

Afterwards, we went to math.  I learned about adding negative and positive numbers.  we worked on three pages.

After math, we went to lunch.  I ate all my lunch, and when the fourth ball rang, I played kick ball again.  This time we won!

When the bell rang, we went inside.  Mr. Coley told us the new riddle.  Two men are in a cabin in the forest and both of them are dead.  How did they die?  Soon after that was over, the bell rang and we all went home.

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