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Monday, May 16, 2011
Reported by Clarissa

Hi, my name is Clarissa.  Today wasn’t a normal day.  Today wasn’t normal because on a Monday we had Monday flag.  Usually we have Friday flag, but it’s different because Mrs. Lockwood had something important to talk about to the entire students.  She was talking about the fifth graders because we had to announce the winners of the D.A.R.E essays witch the winner was Jasmine in Mrs. Becker’s class. Jasmine was the winner for the whole fifth grade their was also winner for each class.  The winners in our class were Ethan #6 and Andrea.  Mrs. Lockwood also talked about the best teacher in the school.  Our whole class thought it was Mr. Coley, but it wasn’t. The only person who thought it wasn’t Mr. Coley was Ethan #6 he thought it was Mrs. Becker.  When Mrs. Lockwood announced the winner witch was……………….Mrs. Becker!!! I really wish it was Mr. Coley.

When that was over, it was finally time to have our D.A.R.E graduation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was really happy I thought this day would never come. Officer Vargas has been a great D.A.R.E teacher. He has taught us a lot who knows how many kids he will teach next.  This field was packed with kids it looked like a field if big gorillas. A lot of people came, but not every one came.  We all sat in rows but not in very straight lines.  Every one was so tall to me because I am very small though I am okay with it.  As I said before Jasmine was the fifth grade winner of the D.A.R.E essay.  She also has to read her essay in front of about four schools. I think it would be very scary for me who knows what I will do.  Next, Mrs. Becker announced her student’s names to come up and shake the four officers’ hands including Officer Vargas, the assistant of the mayor, Dr. Scheer, and the mayor of the city, Murrieta. Also Mr. Coley’s class did the same thing. The other classes did the same thing to.

After that, we were continuing doing our writing prompt. This writing prompt was for the district. It is about a person named, Dr. Scheer, who wanted every student in every school to wear uniforms.  So we are supposed to write a persuasive essay to say if we want uniforms or not. My opinion was to wear uniforms. There are three reasons why I want uniforms, but they are very long. I wonder what they will think of my essay.

At the end of the day we started reading The Sign of the Beaver book.  This book is about a boy named Matt who is left alone in a small cabin.  Matt is left alone because his dad needs to leave for about a month to see his mom. He needs to make his own food and catch his own food.  He only has a rifle, fishing pole, and bit of food.  Matt’s rifle got stolen by a thick man named Ben. He wanted it because he doesn’t have one and because it was a beauty. His food got stolen by a big brown bear.  Then later on Matt meets an Indian boy named Attean.  Attean wants to make a deal with Matt. Their deal was for Matt to teach Attean how to read and Attean will catch Matt a lot of good food.  Attean wants Matt to teach him how to read because Attean doesn’t know how to read.  So the next time men show Attean a document to sigh they will know if it is right or wrong to sigh.  Matt thinks it is hard to teach an Indian how to read. I also think it would be hard. Do you?

That is how our day went very short and very different.  So when we get home we do homework and then have fun. Or boys might go to play video games. Today was a very wonderful and fun day!!!

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