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Tuesday, May 17, 2011
Reported by Mason

Today started out as a normal day. My mom waved us goodbye, I walked to school, and went into the class line. Only, today it was raining. I got to school right when the bell rang because I hate waiting in the Multi Purpose Room for 20 minutes for the bell for class to ring. I talked to some friends until Mr. Coley came to open the door for us. Mr. Coley said, ďHello everyone, get your homework out and get your journals out. (for D.M.A.

Today we started out with D.M.A, a short 5 question page. Today we did two language arts questions like always, two analogies, although one of them were really challenging until Mr. Coley explained it to us, after that I understood it completely, and we also had one geography question. Todayís geography question was, how many states border Mississippi? The challenging analogy question was oil: ____ :: lubricate : detergent. The answer is clean. It is clean detergent will make your clothes clean.

The second thing we did was Define It! Define it is a easy game that requires words that others would find challenging, and a dice, you may have to use a different type of dice depending on how many words you make in the game. To play, all you have to do is roll the die, say your number, and give the other person a definition. Today, New York went first with a score of 33. Also, my table, Texas, got a score of 33. The last table, Hawaii, got a score of 28. When it was my turn I got the word shudder. To get extra points you must say the definition, and say the word in a well said sentence. My sentence was, the womanís shrill scream made me shudder. After that we went to S.O.T.B.

Today, in Sign of the Beaver , we took a quiz. We got questions like, characterize Matt in one well written sentence. After doing this quiz we corrected our homework for the book. Today was really short with the book so we didnít really do much. Once we were done doing this, we went to the computer lab.

In the computer lab this morning, we did S.R.I. Itís basically a reading end of the year test. To me, this wasnít that hard. Then, after this we did Book Blog. Book Blog is when you get to Post or comment on other peoples post. We post summaries of books. I just recently finished The Lost Hero and wrote a summary about it.  Thatís all we really did in the computer lab because S.R.I. took along time to finish.

Then, we did writing. Our writing was about the issue of school uniforms. There were two choices, one was to agree to wear uniforms, the other was not to. I chose yes because it was easier to write. Today was really easy for me because all I had to do was proofread it and put some more detail in it. I would tell you more, but this is a big writing test so I canít really say anything more.

We also did social studies. Today was a fun day in social studies. We got into groups called expert groups. In our groups we chose a section of our social studies book, and have to become experts on it. I got into a group with Sheyenne and Connor. It was fun because of the section we got. We got, Victory at Yorktown. You can tell itís a good section just by looking at the fascinating picture on the page. Victory at Yorktown is basically when the French and the Colonist trapped Yorktown from getting supplies. One advantage the colonist had was Chesapeake Bay. This was helpful because the French has powerful boats that could keep the French on land. The colonist also had people all over the land waiting for the French to starve to death, or try to fight. When the French could no longer stand it, the general inside the town was forced to surrender.

After all the work today, we did something fun. We did Farkle. Farkle is when you get five dice and try to roll a five for one. If you roll a five or one you can bank your points or risk it and go for more. This is really similar to deal or no deal. We ended when we had to go to Pathfinder Prep. This game was really fun!

At Pathfinder Prep, we listened as the teachers from fifth grade told to label our luggage, what to bring, and all about the cabins and showers. Pathfinder is a special activity the fifth graders get to do. Pathfinder is a three-day camp. We get to do archery, rock climbing, horse-back-riding, canoeing, and much more! The whole fifth grade is exited because we got tomorrow! Then the bell rang and we had to go. Mr. Coley said we could go and to remember Pathfinder is tomorrow!

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