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Monday, May 23, 2011
Reported by Adrian

I’m Adrian and I’ll be your Roving Reporter for today.

First, was Morning business. We had to use the bathroom because there was a field trip next. We wrote our homework down in our minder binders. It was to draw and color eight spelling words, read 15 minutes, and to finish our reflection writing.

Next, was a field trip to Thompson Middle School. When we got there, four ASB members introduced themselves. They said, “This will be your president next year,” while pointing to one of them. They showed us lots of things like classrooms and a mammoth tusk. In the end, we did a contest to see which school was the loudest. We were second place.

Then, it was time for spelling. Our spelling words were more homophones. One of our pairs was plane and plain. We corrected them, I was required for the challenge words again, and we highlighted the words we got wrong on our lists. For our extra time, Mr. Coley let us do our spelling homework.

After that was recess. I ate a chocolate chunk flavored granola bar. We played on the map. Lots of people went to the classroom instead of the gate. I was the first person to the gate.

Afterwards, it was the author assembly. The author wrote the book, How Katie Found her Meow. She read us the book. She showed us the writing process. She even showed us pictures of her pets. She tried to trick us into thinking that she had a pet lion.

Upon returning to class, it was Pathfinder and Monkey Mania reflection. We had to write about our favorite part, class, and naturalist in Pathfinder or Monkey Mania. My favorite part was free time. My favorite class was ethnobotany. Everyone’s favorite naturalist was Taylor. If we didn’t finish, we had it as homework.

Once that was done, Mr. Coley read a story he wrote. It was called, The Gift. This takes place in a kingdom. The main character is a boy named Quinn. When someone says that four people will be picked, the kingdom is excited. Quinn is one of them. Mr. Coley found things he wants to change.

When we finished, it was lunch. I ate a ham and cheese sandwich. We played on the map again. We learned lots of facts about the states.

When that was over, it was time to pack up. We put our homework and other things in our backpacks.

Once we finished, he read more of The Gift. Thomas got scared of the haunted forest, so he ran away. The three ate a tasty meal. After that, Mr. Coley explained tomorrow. 

Finally, it was band. Lots of people didn’t think there was band today. We practiced Star Wars, Let’s Go Band II, then Power Rock.

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