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Tuesday, May 24, 2011
Reported by Alana

Hi, my name is Alana and I will be your Roving Reporter for today. First off, we did D.M.A. D.M.A stands for Daily Morning Activities, where we do Language, Analogies, and Geography. In Language we had two incorrect written sentences talking about Yellowstone National Park. Then comes Analogies are like puzzles, but the way to solve it by using a dictionary. The first analogy was cube : sphere :: square :__________. The answer of course was circle and the other analogy answer was rude. Last but not least, Geography. The question was what sea separates the continents Europe and Africa…..? If you look at a map the sea that separates them is the Mediterranean Sea. Gabby was the teacher for today. When we were done we would write down our homework, check our mailboxes, and sit down quietly.

Next, we played a game we all love DEFINE IT! Before we played we explained the rules to Ms. Coley. We decided that 50 and above will be bonus’. Then Joseph rolled again and he rolled an eight, so 1-10 are triple bonus. We started with Myles, Natalie, and, Ethan #7. They rolled 70, oppose, 02, devastation, 83, skittish. So they went from 28 points to 40 points. Then we went to Megan, Ethan #6, and Clarissa. They rolled a 61, summon, 05, jolt, 38, erode. So they went from 35 points to 45 points. After, those two tables went we went to New York, where Conner, Sam, and Marcus rolled, and they rolled a 14, severe, 18, crust, and 96, tentative. So we went from 33 points to 41 points.

After, we did some Grammar review. Where we reviewed personifications, hyperboles, metaphors, and similes. A personification is when you give human abilities to objects or animals. Like, the wind traveled through my hair. A hyperbole is an exaggeration used to make a point. Like, I waited forever! A metaphor is when comparing two things while using the word is. Like, Jade is an angel. Last but not least, a simile is when you also compare two things using the words like or as. Here’s an example, Amelia was so embarrassed she turned red as a strawberry.

Next, we started our District testing for Language Arts part 1. To start we did numbers 1-26.

Afterwards, we read Sign of the Beaver. We read two chapters, Chapter 11-12. Chapter 11 talked about Matt’s new sibling and how he never seen it. It also talked about how he felt about his lessons with Attean, and Attean’s dog. The book lastly talked about how they saw the “Sign of the Beaver.”

In Social Studies, we have this activity we call Expert Groups. Expert groups is where we get into groups of two or three people, we pick a topic, and get ready to teach the class. What I mean is instead of Mr. Coley teaching us we teach them. We can teach them any way we want like flowcharts, bullet points, charts, or fill in the blanks. Since we read two chapters in Sign of the Beaver it took up a little bit of time from Social Studies. Then it was recess time.

Upon returning to class, we went to our math classes. I am in Mrs. Martinez’s so I do not know what the other classes talked about. We reviewed percentages, prime numbers, negatives, and positives. Next, we took district testing for math part 1, numbers 1-31. When we were done we would read quietly until everyone was done. Everyone was done when math ended, so we left at 12:50. When we returned to class we immediately lined up for lunch.

Afterwards, we had a little assembly called Readers are Heroes. Ryan’s uncle read his favorite book Young Men and Fire. He read a chapter about what they do and their equipment. He said that this book is a true story from the 1990’s. When he finished the chapter Ms. Coley asked about four questions. He said that he has been a firefighter for eight years, and he is a type of firefighter who fights fires in the mountains. Ms. Coley and Ryan also asked another question. And the answer was the farthest place he has ever gone to fight a fire was Oregon and the fire was about 500-600 acres biggest, it was also the biggest fire he’s been in. He explained more about what he does. Also he said that going to school and reading was really important.

Finally, we went out for P.E. For P.E. we played dodge ball. It was even verses odds and the first game evens won and the second game we did not finish because the bell rang.

Well that’s all we did today. Thank you, for reading my report. Bye!

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