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Wednesday, May 25, 2011
Reported by Sheyenne

Hi I am Sheyenne Roving Reporter for today.


When I got to class Mr. Coley told us to take out are journeys. Then we wrote are homework down then we checked are boxes. Then we started to do are Fast math if you do not no what fast math is it is a program that tests you on your times table. Then we corrected our journals with a student that goes up in front of the class and the answer.


Then we did spelling. Mr. Coley told us to pass up are homework so he can check it Then we did District testing. If you do not know what L.A. is. It stands for language arts. We are still doing testing. This is the last testing of the year. 


Then we played Define it.  If you do not know what Define is, it is a game that you play with the class.  You play with a dice, and words.  The object is to tell the definition of words. If you get a double it is worth two points.  If you get a word wrong Mr. Coley tells you a sentence and you have to try and figure out what it means.  If you get it wrong, someone in class calls random. The person who called random pulls a stick and if it has your number you can still a point from the table.


Next we did our Coley cast. Jonathan, Jasmine and I were writing about Among the Hidden. Then my classmates asked me to write about Where the Red Fern Grows.


“The Gift“   Mr. Coley wrote a book called the gift.  It is about a kid named Quinn.  He is on a journey to the king’s castle. The king wanted a gift from every village.  There were four men, one thought the forest was haunted. The second went with the three men to the bridge. The third man threw a rock onto the bridge, he slipped and fell. Then he decided to go back to the village.


In math class we started to create games.  They had to be math games only.  The game I’m creating has football problems.


Lastly we had a Flag Assembly.  A lady spoke about the flags that we have.  During the Flag assembly we had a fire drill.


That was my day. Bye, this your roving reported Sheyenne signing out.

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