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Thursday, May 26, 2011
Reported by Sam

Hi my name is Sam and I am Roving Reporter today May 26, 2011. Today we had a substitute Mr. Coley’s mom Mrs. Coley. Ok! To start off we checked in our homework as usual. We had a digestive system ILT and a spelling practice test graded and signed. After that we had a fun PLUS forum. That is when a middle school comes to our school and teaches us different activities. The middle school that came was Thompson Middle School.

First we played a game called Back in the Day. This game is very fun and sometimes embarrassing. The object is to stand up and say “Back in the Day I used to ……” and then say what you used to do when you were little.

After the PLUS Forum, We had just enough time to fit in a spelling test. I can’t believe we are already on lesson 23!

Then, we corrected our Digestive System ILT. Emma thought she had all of her answers correct so we corrected with her ILT.

Next, we had a Sign of the Beaver test on chapters 11-15. Some of the questions were about Attean’s dog that is very funny looking because it got attacked by a porcupine.

The next thing we did was Literature Circles ColeyCasts. The book we chose to talk about is called Bud, not Buddy. We also decided who was going to be the speaker. Everyone decided me.

Next up was math. Today was very sad because it was the last day of math class but the good news was that we got to play games and draw whole math class. I drew a lot of pictures of my friends and me.

Last thing we had an IBQ on science and digestive system. There is really nothing to say than we had a test so let’s just skip this part.

Well that is all we did today on May 26, 2011 and I am Roving Reporter Sam on my last article and hope you enjoyed all of them!:)

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