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Friday, August 20, 2010
Reported by Andrea

One hot day on Tovashal Elementary I went to my class and put my backpack on my line (which is the odd line).After that I talked with my friends ,one friend was from Ms. Wood and the other one was from my class. Then I just but my backpack in my class and the rest of the time I had I just sat on my line and waited there until the bell rang.

Next after the bell rang Mr. Coley came out of the room and leaded us to the Friday Flag Assembly. At the flag assembly we first said the pledge allegiance the way we do the pledge is that they choose three people to go up and say the pledge with the principle this time three kids from Mrs. Blumenshine class got to go up. Then they talked about Family Fun Night. Family Fun Night is when they show a movie and they sell this like candy, popcorn, hotdogs, and P.T.A things like shirts and caps. Anyway the movie they are going to show Shrek the Third. Then they said if we could wear green, green shirt, green pants, green shoes or any thing else green. They also said we can wear costumes like: princesses dragons or any thing else that has to do with Shrek. After they talk about that they talked about P.T.A. P.T.A is a group of parents helping the school like donating money.  this time they made a cardboard castle and you get to write your name on a blue piece of paper and they stick it on the castle but only if your on the P.T.A and the only way you can get in is if you donate five dollars. After they talked about that Mr. Banks (the principle)got up and stating saying good bye because he had to be principle in another school. After that Mr. Fanning (a third grade teacher) got up stage and sang about Friday.

Following Friday Flag Mr. Coley took us back to the class and told us to take out our homework from last night so I took my homework and then he checked our homework. After that he started to warned us about the agenda like: the mess the pastels were going to make for the artist of the month and that we might not do social studies .

After that he said we were going to take a spelling test. Then he told me if I could take pass out papers to every one so I did then after I sat down on my chair got my pencil out and stared the test on this test there were only 20 questions and 5 challenge words.  After we were all finished the 20 questions, Mr. Coley told us "If you were required to do challenge words under the 5 questions write required and if you you were not required and if you want to try just write just for fun." I was one of the people who were not required but I tried just for fun then when I was finished with the challenge words Mr. Coley told us to take our homework from last night and our checking pens.

After everyone took everything out Mr. Coley said “If you get it right smile and if you get it wrong circle it." Then we started to correct and I got so many right my cheeks were starting to hurt. When we finished checking I actually got all of them right.

Then Mr. Coley told the people at the sides to pass out the white board and the rest to take out there markers and erasers. I didn't have any markers so I had to borrow from a friend. Then Mr. Coley ask us life questions of this month's artist of the month. The first question he asked us was" guess the name of the artist of the month?" I didn't have an answer so I didn't write any thing .the answer was Pablo Picasso.The other questions were about his life like: when he was born and when did he die.Out of like 12 questions I got 7 right. First Mr. Coley passed out paper and we tuck out our pencil we wrote our name on the back and Mr. Coley told us to draw 3 shapes in the middle except any thing round. I did triangle, diamond, parallelogram. before we drew the shapes Mr. Coley showed us some pictures,they looked really good .After that he told us to do big hair for the people and I chose an afro one and long hair too. then I did a neck and it's face. after that I did the shoulders, the arms ,the shoulders ,and the instruments. then Mr. Coley talked about pastels that I was only allowed to choose 5 colors so I chose purple, blue, green, orange, and light purple .

following that we went to snack recesses. I ate my snack and talked to my friends. Then I picked up trash and got a shark bite. Then I went to my class room line and waited there till the bell the rang.

Once the bell rang we went in side and every thing I drew It raced it with a sharpie. And then I drew with the pastels it took a couple minutes to finish that. Then I got a wipe and cleaned my desk because it was really dirty.

Right after that the bell rang so we went to lunch I ate my food and then I went to my other friends and talk to them till they finished eating. Then we went in side because it was to hot to play .We all watched some weird chicken movie so I didn't watch it. Then the bell rang so we all went back to class.

Coming back from lunch we read our books. My book is Heidi the chapter I read was that Heidi helps her friend how to read. He gets better grades than he did before.

Once that was done we did the student council election. Alot of people wanted to be in the student council including me. I was about to tell Mr. Coley I didn't want to do it .then when he said who got to be on student council. It wasn't me! it was two boys and a girl who won.

After the was done we did the weekly homophone challenge! the question was: If 4 couples go to a restraint how many people went dining? The answer was eight ate. He took the can and shook it and he took out my card and I had the right answer. I got to play deal or no deal. I was doing good until I got 1,000,000 on the 7th last one I got 400 so I just got one airhead then the bell rang and it was the end of school.

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