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Monday, August 23, 2010
Reported by Trevor

Happy Monday.. Hope everyone had a great weekend.   My name is Trevor and I am the Roving Reporter for today in Mr. Coley’s 5th grade class.

Today started of with D.M.A.   What is involved in D.M.A. is you take out your journal and you write Language. Analogies, and Geography.  For example in Language,  we are given a sentence on the white board to copy into our journal and then fix the sentence and make it correct.  Next we are given Analogies to write on our journal, for example: emerald; green;; sapphire; blue.  In Geography the question would be: The capital of Arizona is ______.   We are to fill in the blank and provide the capital for the state.  The capital of Arizona is Phoenix.  When we finish our assignment, we write down our homework, check our mail box and then silently read.  When Mr. Coley is ready we check our journals using a blue or red pen.

During spelling, we were provided with lined paper in order to complete the spelling pre-test.    This weeks focus for spelling is Long Vowels.  Some of the words used in the pretest were: Speech, Claim, Stray, Fade, Sign, Leaf and Beast.  Our challenge words are: Campaign, Describe, Cease, Sacrifice and Plight.  One of Mr. Coley’s sentences used today was “The Fleet of boats rushed out of the docks”. 

After the pre-test we went over our subjects and predicates worksheet.   During this portion of the class we reviewed the meanings of Subjects and Predicates.  For example a simple subject and predicate would be: “Dog” and “Ran”.  A detailed subject and predicate sentence would be: “The little brown dog ran quickly across the street to it’s owner.” 

The next portion of our morning consisted of geography work involving Longitude and Latitude.  An example of Latitude and Longitude would be: 70 degrees North and 40 degrees south.  Latitude and Longitude are used for stating your location.  Also, they are used for finding locations on maps.

Once our work was completed, Mr. Coley dismissed us to recess.  Boo Yah!  During our recess times we have lots of activities.  Everything from football on the grass field to basketball on the black top to hand ball courts and teather ball!!  The weather in Murrieta today was 102 degrees Fahrenheit. 

After we came back into the air conditioning from recess we went to computer lab.  During computer lab Mr. Coley talked about his website and our reading blog.  Once we finished computer lab he dismissed us to lunch. 

When the weather is 102 degrees, we are kept inside and put on “in climate weather”.  During “in climate weather” we are kept inside and we eat our lunch and watch a movie while enjoying air conditioning.  The movie today was “Scooby Doo be Doo”. 

Because today was modified schedule, we get out school a little early.  We are dismissed to go home after lunch on modified days. 

I am Trevor, your roving reporter for today, August 23, 2010.  Thank you for visiting our website, mrcoley.com.  See you tomorrow … *beep..beep..beep* *fade to black*

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