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Tuesday, August 24, 2010
Reported by Alex S.

One hot, sunny morning, I got to class and saw Mr. Coley. I greeted him and walked inside the classroom and sat in my seat. Then, I wrote my homework in my minder binder. After our morning business, we corrected our spelling page. We had to do practice book page 29 where we had to sort out long “A“, long “E” and long “I“. We also checked our social studies “Latitude & Longitude” worksheet. There were 15 questions and I got 10 out of 15 right. After that, we got folders to put our math tests in for our 4th grade math scores and our two minute 50 problems tests too. After that, Mr. Coley had a raffle for five CD’s with studycast #1 on it.

Once that was done, we read the book called, Among the Hidden. We read Chapters 19-26. In one of those chapters Jen, (a third child) gets mad because all of the other shadow children want to get fake ID’s. Also, Jen has contact with all the other third children using a chat room that other people can’t access because there is a password. Mr. Coley said he was going to stop reading but, we kept on saying, “Keep reading!” so he kept reading. Mr. Coley said he’ll keep reading after the assembly.

Then, we had an assembly. The assembly was about good manners and black belt behavior. They said, “If you listen very well in class you can get good grades.” Two teenagers came and told us about a trophy we could win if we signed up for a “Karate class” about manners. I didn’t sign up because it was $20. When we got to class Mr. Coley gave us two sheets. They were both sign up sheets for the “Karate class.”

During math we corrected our multiplication page. We had to find the answers to problems and answer the riddle by finding the letters in the math key. I though it was the best math page so far. Mr. Coley let us choose partners to play multiplication games with. Me and my friend, Joseph, partnered up together. We had two choices, multiplication baseball, or multiplication war. My favorite game was multiplication war. We played multiplication baseball then changed to the other game, multiplication war. I won that game.

Next was science. In Science, we learned the parts of plant and animal cells. Something that I thought was interesting was the plant and animal cells have the same parts except plant cells have two additional parts. One of the parts was the cell wall, and the second was that plant cells have one large vacuole in the center and animal cells have small vacuoles throughout the cell.

Finally, the bell rang and Mr. Coley passed out half sheets of paper that told us who was our math teacher. Then we got our stuff ready and left. Everyone looked like they had a great day!

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