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Wednesday, August 25, 2010
Reported by Maia

Hello, my name is Maia! It was hot when I got to school this morning. When I got there, I talked to my friends in my class. Then we waited for the bell to ring. Once the bell rang Mr. Coley came he said get your homework out and get out your journals and start with your D.M.A. Once we were done doing our D.M.A. we corrected it. D.M.A. has two sentences to correct, two analogies and a geography question.

I sit at table Hawaii and we put our journals away.  Next, he tells us to put our journals away and get out our spelling homework from last night and we are going to check it.

Next, he gives us a study guide to us study before the real quiz and our quiz is about kinds of sentences and subjects and predicates. When we were done we had to wait for the other students to be done. When they’re finished we go on to Social Studies.

Now, we did Social Studies! He handed us out papers, and then he told us what to do with it. Then he gave us instructions and it said we have to create a country.  So we created a country. Next it said to put cities, mountains and forests then after we named the cities, mountains and forests.

Then, before we corrected our Science homework, we went the Science lab and then Mr. Coley gave us directions. We looked into the microscope and looked at animal tissue and cell structure. After we went to the science lab, we went back to class and corrected our science homework then we have to pass it up the row.

Finally, Mr. Coley reads Among the Hidden. Jens dad was talking to Luke and said “where is Jen?”  Then Jens dad said “Jens dead.”  Then Luke said “Why!” The Jens dad says because “I work for the population police.” Then Mr. Coley said I have to stop but we are like “No!”  And the bell rang so we had to leave!

It was a good day of school with stories and friends and the rain….well almost.

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