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Thursday, August 26, 2010
Reported by Natalie

Hello! My name is Natalie. Today I am the Roving Reporter. So, I am going to tell you about what we did in school today.

Well in the morning, I was talking with my friends. Then, Mr. Coley opened the door and we walked in the class. Mr. Coley said, "Take out your homework and your journals." So, we took out everything and we started to work on our D.M.A. We did language arts, analogies, and geography. One sentence in language arts was eye no mr coley replied and, we had to fix up that sentence. One of the analogies was a,b,c: e,f,g:: n,o,p: _____________. The answer was r,s,t. The geography we did was, how many states border Colorado? The answer was 7. After we were done, we got to read. Then, we graded our D.M.A.

Next, Mr. Coley talked about our spelling homework, which was a practice test or write your words 3x each. Then, we graded our spelling homework from last night, which was a crossword puzzle for our spelling words. When we were grading the crossword puzzle, one hint to find the word was upper leg (the answer was thigh) but, on accident, Mr. Coley said, "Upper thigh." Then everyone said, "You just said the answer!" Then, we finished grading our homework.

After spelling, we graded our science studies weekly,(it is a newspaper and you have to read it to do a crossword puzzle on the back.) Mr. Coley called on me to say oceanography. I got -0! Mr. Coley said, "Check for your name, #, and date.(Before every worksheet we do he says name # date pencils down.)

When we finished, Mr. Coley told us about the next book we will be reading. It is called Eye of the Storm. It is nonfiction and, it is about tornados. Then we were seeing what the definitions were to our vocabulary words. Two of our words are lightning and tornado.

Afterwards, we did social studies. Well yesterday, we made our own island, but we did not get to finish it. What we did was we drew a shape and, that was our island. What you put in it are mountains, rivers, and or cities. Some examples are Wasabi Desert and Beach Town. A guy who sits next to me put Big Surf as a city.

After recess was over, it was time to do math switch. I am also in Mr. Coley's math class. When everyone got in the class, we played a math card game. For example, one says I have 14. Who has 33-5? Whoever has 28 they say, i have 28 and so on. After that, Mr. Coley talked to us about the multiplication board. You have to master the multiplication board to go to Pancake Breakfast or a BBQ. Next, we graded our math homework from last night. Then, Mr. Coley told us how to do the divisibility trick. There is a different trick to every number.

After lunch, Mr. Coley read to us Among the Hidden. The population police came and Luke had to hide in the closet. The door was about to open so, Luke hid under a blanket. They did not find him. The population police put microphones in Jen's dad's house so they could here every word he is saying. So, he wrote something to Luke, it said, "Do you want a fake ID?" Luke said, "Yes." His new name is now Lee Grant. He is going to a private boarding school. His parents were very sad that he was leaving, but he still left. We finished the book! The next book is called Among the Impostors.

Finally, the last thing we did was science. We were going to cut stuff out. Then Mr. Coley said, "Scissors scream when you hold them. They are saying cut stuff out with me!" Next, we cut out the outside of our science notes and glued our notes in a notebook. Then, Mr. Coley tested us on a few science words like nucleus.

Once that was done, it was time to leave from school. Today, Sheyenne was the quiet seat. The bell rang so we all left. So, that was our day!

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