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Friday, August 27, 2010
Reported by Matthew

One sunny day, I went to school to Mr. Coley’s class and I dropped off my backpack in the classroom, then I went to Friday Flag. We had to stand outside in the heat for the assembly. When we came back to the classroom, we sat down in our seats and took a spelling test. After we finished the test we passed it up to the front. Later we did some renamer practice.  After he showed renamers to us, Mr. Coley passed the renamer worksheet out and we had to do it. Next, for reading we read EYE OF A STORM in our reading book. When we were done with that, we had to do page 33 in our practice book.

After reading, we did social studies. For social studies we had a social studies (Geograghy) test, in my opinion the test was easy, if you studied. When we were finished with the test we had to do our map creations. My map creation was called Irama. Once that was done, Mr. Coley said “get ready for math class.” After that Mr. Coley dismissed us for recess. Recess was fun, as always.

After recess everyone got their math homework and headed to math class. I had Mr. Hennings for math and our lesson was about prime and composite numbers.  We did not have any homework since it was Friday. Afterwards everyone came back to homeroom class and got ready for lunch.  At lunch I hung out with my friends Jonathon, Jeremy, Gabriel, and my cousin Alex. When lunch was over, we read Among the Imposters. Among the Imposters is Among the Hidden but the second one. In Among the Imposters, Luke goes to a new boarding school only for boys. Luke, or should I call him Lee, meets a guy named Rolly, and he is really mean.

After we read Among the imposters Mr. Coley said “it’s pay day!” Pay day is when Mr. Coley pays us the Coley cash that we earned. Everyone was excited to receive cash. Later, Mr. Coley announced the weekly homophone challenge winner, it was Taylyn! Afterwards, Mr. Coley also announced the student of the week. The student of the week was Ethan C. Later, we played deal or no deal. The student of the week gets to click the cases, and Taylyn got to pick the cases. Taylyn’s case was #13, it was 1 dollar. After that, we got our backpacks ready to go home. Later, Mr. Coley told us to “put our heads down.” because we were too loud.  A couple minutes later Mr. Coley said “put your heads up.” Then, he talked about stuff and when the bell rang, he dismissed us. Finally, after a long and tiring week, “Thank God it was Friday!” Everyone was happy to go home.

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