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Monday, August 30, 2010
Reported by Johnathan

On the morning of August 30, 2010, the class of room 34 did morning business where they had to write their homework down in their reminder binders and check their mailbox’s.

After the class checked their mailboxes, they went to a meet the master’s assembly.  At the assembly the class learned about Mary Cassatt and her artwork.  Mary Cassatt went blind at the age of 72, her artwork was always realistic and about women and their children.

After the assembly, we had a spelling pre-test that we graded in class together.    The other class work we graded was PB pg.33 about conjunctions, “And, or, or but”, once that was done, we started PB pg.27.

Next, we read the rest of Eye of the storm it’s about a storm character named Warren.

In social studies, we wrote down 3 reasons for exploration.  When that was over, we highlighted all of our vocabulary words in our Explorers book.

After recess, we swapped class for math, I went to Mrs. Martinez’s class, we did pg.3 in Daily Routines and Practice’s, and the teacher helped a little. After that, we did pg.4 in our Daily Routines and Practice’s.  When we finished, we did a fun name game where we got to make up dances for the syllables in our names.

After lunch, we packed up and Mr. Coley announced that the quiet seat was quiet and was Elaina.  Finally, we went home.

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