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Tuesday, August 31, 2010
Reported by Emma

On the most wonderful morning of Tuesday, August 31st it took Mr. Coley longer than usual to let us into the classroom. This was because he was attending to some important business. However it didn't matter because I knew we were going to have a great day. We started off with our usual routine, getting out our homework and doing D.M.A. We had 2 Language Arts sentences followed by 2 Analogies and 1 geography question. Here's an exclusive for you folks the line of 40 degrees latitude goes right between the borders of Nebraska and Kansas! After everyone was done with D.M.A. we checked our mailboxes and our new Science Weekly came in with a fun crossword puzzle. After checking mailboxes we had super silent reading time and then we corrected our D.M.A. with the student teacher Sheyenne. Next Mr. Coley showed us how to get on to A.R. for our quiz on Eye of the Storm, it wasn't working so instead he showed us fast math.

Next we skipped our usual Tuesday work and went right to the computer lab. We had a typing challenge for fast math and there were bars that showed us how fast we were typing. Next we were able to take our A.R. tests on Eye of The Storm. Once everyone was done Mr. Coley told us that we could go on his web site or take another A.R. test on Among the Hidden. Soon our lab time was up so we headed back to class, got out our math books and went to recess.

Upon returning to class we gathered our things and headed out for math switch. During math time we graded our homework and then discussed prime factorization. Next Mr. Coley passed out white boards to work on new skills. He taught us an easy way to multiply 10 to the 8th power. He said it was 10 with 8 zeros none of us had thought of it that way! Once math was over and the rest of the class came back in and we went to lunch.

After lunch we had worked on science and took notes on how living things are organized. Living things are organized first by cell, then tissue, next is organ and finally organ system. We studied plant cells and animal cells and how they are the same and how they are different. Time flew by so quickly and we were on to our library time. We all left our backpacks outside of the library because after our library time it would be time to go home. At the library everyone got to choose 2 or 3 books at their reading level. I only had a short time to read because the time seemed to go so quickly and finally the bell rang to go home. It was the end of another great day at school!

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