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Wednesday, September 1, 2010
Reported by Conner

Today, before school, I was outside the door chatting with my friends.  Since today was band day everyone had their instruments, and I was asking everyone, “Which instrument is that?” 

When the bell finally rang, Mr. Coley said to come in and get our homework and our minder binders (agenda) out.  We wrote down our homework for tonight and checked our mailboxes.  Then we did a half-hearted pledge.

Pretty much all we did in spelling is go over our homework (today and yesterday’s).  Actually it is all we did! 

Next on the agenda is narrative writing, whatever that is.  Since most of us had no idea what the heck that is, Mr. Coley introduced us to it.  He said that we would have to write one.  We had a choice of what to write about: My Bad Hair Day or The Time I Couldn’t Stop Laughing.  Then he passed out a graphic organizer.  We talked about onomatopoeia so we could add it in our writing.  We finished our organizer and started our rough draft.  We only finished the first paragraph, so we are going to finish tomorrow. 

After writing we went into reading, but Mr. Coley said it was more like language arts or grammar and I’m sure everyone would agree with him.  We did a combining sentences worksheet and checked more homework.  Then we did a run-on sentences ILT (worksheet) from a really bad roving reporter (don’t know who) [from several years ago].  We had to fix his/hers mistakes.  And then he passed out today’s homework.  

Following writing we went into social studies.  We got out our Explorers packet and our notebooks and took notes but not just any notes … we got to color our notes!  Yet again we didn’t finish all of it because it was time for recess!!  

During recess I played basketball with my friend 1 on 1 until two other guys came over.  We played 2 on 2 two until the bell rang.  In the end the other team beat my team 6-0.

Upon returning to class we switched classes for math.  I didn’t go anywhere because my math teacher is Mr. Coley. We got out even more homework.  We did math cards like we do every math class and beat our first record with 2:29.  The all-time record is 1:36.  After that we checked the homework we got out.  Finally we reviewed how to do today’s homework and passed it out.  Then we switched classes again. 

When that was over we went to lunch.  I bought my lunch today. They had rotini with meat sauce and a wheat roll.  I didn’t eat the roll though. 

After lunch, we went into science.  We took out our cells notes, completed them and pasted them in our notebooks.  While we were finishing up Mr. Coley said, “Every living thing has to grow. Duh.”  We took a short pre-test on our vocabulary words.  When we finish we took out a book and started SSR (silent sustained reading).  When SSR finish we checked our pre-test.

Finally!  Finally, it was time to pack up and leave. Ethan #7 was Quiet Seat.  Then the bell rang and I went to go pick up my sister.

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