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Thursday, September 2, 2010
Reported by Marcus

On this Summer day I knew it was going to be a very hot day.  According to weatherchannel.com, the temperature was 103o in Murrieta.  The school bell rang at 8:20 a.m. so the students gathered by Mr. Coley’s class room.  We then went inside and Mr. Coley greeted us by saying, “Good morning class, lets get started by showing me you have your homework.”

When class started the first thing that we did was make sure that we had our homework from the night before.  The next thing we did was write down the homework that we had for tonight, Thursday, September 2, 2010. Then, we checked our boxes for newsletters and signups sheets and if you bought lunch the day before you would get your lunch card back.  Once we had those from Mr. Coley, we got our correcting pens and corrected one of our homework sheets.  It was a spelling crossword puzzle sheet.  Afterwards, Mr. Coley told us to get out the writing assignment that we had started the day before.  A couple minutes after the class got the writing assignment out Mr. Coley showed us some examples on the Elmo. 

Elmo is not the muppet character from Sesame Street.  Elmo is a projector that is now used in many classrooms instead of an overhead projector.  An Elmo gets the image and projects it from the projector that’s hooked up to the ceiling.  After he was done showing us examples we got started on the paragraph until about 10:30 a.m.  Since we were quiet and did what we were suppose to, Mr. Coley gave us five paper clips.  The paper clips keep track of when all the students behave and do well.  Once the paper clips reach the railing that holds whiteboard markers, we get a reward from Mr. Coley.   We then put away the narrative writing and got out our grammar homework and graded it.  Once that was done Mr.Coley passed out a practice grammar test before the actual one to let us know what we were going to have on the actual test. 

In Science we studied Diversity of Organisms until it was time to go to recess.  Before recess we had to get our math out so that when we got back from recess we would be ready to do math.  Finally we went to recess.  I did a game called “Lightning”.  Lightning is where there are two basketballs and there at least has to be four people to play this game.  It is very similar to playing regular basketball.

After playing Lightning, my friends and I played a game of football.  It ended in a tie.  Upon returning from recess we had to get ready for our math breakout groups.  The kids that weren’t in Mr.Coleys math group went to their assigned math group.  The kids that were in Mr. Coleys math group stayed were they were and waited for the kids that were coming from different classes to join in.

During math time, we corrected our homework from the night before.  It had to do with factor rainbows and greatest common factor.  It was about 12:15 p.m. when we finished correcting it.  Once that was done Mr. Coley taught us a game called “Do you want to win three pieces of licorice”.  This helps us to learn math skills.  Only three kids won pieces of licorice and their names were Hunter, Cole, and Devin. 

We then went to lunch.  We were told to eat outside but then we were told to come inside and watch a movie because it was too hot.  After lunch was over we went back into the classroom and some of us took AR tests because we finished our books.  Finally we did Social Studies on Exploration and today we learned that Columbus needed money to sail to the Indies so he asked the king of Portugal for money so that he would have ships, crew, food, and water.  The King said no so he went to Spain and asked the King of Spain and Queen of Spain for money and they said maybe.  He eventually received money from Queen Elizabeth and King Ferdinand.

The quiet seat today was Sam #19.  And that my friends, is what happened today, Thursday, September 02, 2010.

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