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Friday, September 3, 2010
Reported by Myles

One sunny morning we had Friday Flag. Friday flag is a place you go on Friday and make all the enouncements. So first, we did Shark Bites. Shark Bites are little, turquoise papers and you get them by being responsible, respectful, caring, showing fairness and citizenship which are the six pillars of character. Also we have a teacher who’s name is Mr. Fanning. He sings many songs at the end.

The second thing is morning business. What we do in morning business is check all of our homework. Then we raise are hands and Mr. Coley, my teacher says who’s buying lunch and we raise our hands if we are.

After that we have a spelling test. It was lesson 3. Then we pass our test up the row so Mr. Coley could grade them.

Once that was done we did some narrative writing. Narrative writing is a writing activity we do. The two things we could write about is a bad hair day or a time we couldn’t stop laughing.

Afterwards we had a Geography quiz. Next we had an Eye of the storm vocabulary quiz and that is a book we read about.

There we did some more social studies. We did a flaw chart. A flaw chart is something you do if you have a lot of vocabulary words and you draw a picture and write a description.

When we finished we want to math. In math we reviewed primer factorization and did problems that were going to be on a test. We also did a game call who wants to win candy. What you do is raise your hand and the teacher calls on you and if so then you get to sit in the chair until he gives you a math problem and if you need help you call on someone who you think has the right answer.

Finally we read Among the Imposters. Among the Imposters is a book we read when we have a few more minutes before we go to silent reading.

When that was over we had Friday business. Friday business is when we announce who is the student of the week, quiet seat and weekly homophone challenge winner.

Once we finished we had indoor PE. Indoor PE is what we do when it’s too hot or to cold. The game we play was four corners. Four corners is a game when you have to go to the corner 1,2,3, or 4 and there’s a person who calls out what corner has the most people and if he/she does then they are out. After, Mr. Coley said, “Have a great weekend everybody.”

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