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Wednesday, September 8, 2010
Reported by Sam

Hello my name is Sam and I am Roving Reporter today September 8th 2010.Today was a breezy summer morning. Mr. Coley greeted us with a ”Hello kids.”

Ok first on the agenda today was morning business. In morning business today we got our homework out. We had science, math, spelling, and reading. Up next was spelling. In spelling this morning we corrected all of our spelling homework. But first we had to get up for the pledge. In spelling we had to do practice book pgs.69-70. 

Next up on the agenda was Narrative Writing. We have two stories to choose from My bad hair day or the time I couldn’t stop laughing. I chose the time I couldn’t stop laughing. We are going to make our own mirrors that show a picture of what happened.

Next up was reading. In reading today we reviewed vocabulary words for our new story Volcanoes. My favorite vocabulary word was lava. Lava is just liquid rock. In the vocabulary we got to draw what each vocabulary word means.

Then we had Social Studies. In Social Studies today we learned a lot more about Christopher Columbus the person who wanted to find a new route to the Indies(Asia).We read more and found out that when they set sail and Christopher kept 2 logs. One the fake one that said 60mph and the real one said 100mph. 

Afterwards, was math I am in Mr. Henning’s math class. In math today I think everyone had a math test. Math class was almost over but in Mr. Henning’s math class we did some math problems on little whiteboards.At 2:00, it was time for S.S.R. S.S.R  is short for silent reading. In silent reading I read The Tale of Despereaux. While other people were reading, 3 other people were doing Fast Math.

When that was over we did Science with Mrs. Coley Mr. Coley's mom. In Science today we studied for a test. While studying we listened to a study cast that Mr. Coley recorded. Mr. Coley’s favorite science word is cytoplasm.

Well, today finally was over. The quiet seat today was Alana!!!!!!!! Well once again I am Roving Reporter Sam on Wednesday September 8th 2010 have a wonderful day

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