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Thursday, September 9, 2010
Reported by Ryan

Hello my name is Ryan #18 and I am the roving reporter for today, Thursday, September 09, 2010.  I will be covering the activities of the 5th grade students in Mr. Coley’s class, room #34.

Today began with an overcast morning.  I arrived in the parking lot of Tovashal Elementary at 8:00AM.  I got out of the car and could hear a lot of noise coming from my fellow students.  They were saying goodbye to their parents. 

I took my time walking to my 5th grade class, room #34.  During my walk I pondered about what we were going to do today.  When I arrived at my classroom I dropped off my heavy red plaid backpack in front of the door along with a few of my other classmates. 

Then, I headed to the playground for some fun with several of my friends.  There were many activities going on such as wall ball, basketball, football, and tetherball.  The students were dashing around and shouting to their friends with excitement.  I spent my time talking to my friend, Ethan #6 while I waited for the morning bell to ring. 

Suddenly, I heard the ringing of the bell and I scurried back to my class eager to learn new things.  I was also excited because I was roving reporter of the day!  Upon returning to class, Mr. Coley said, “We are doing P.E., so drop your backpacks and line up!” 

Once the class followed directions we headed out to the grassy field.  We began P.E. with stretches.  First, we did lunges.  Second, we did flamingos.  Third, we did ankle rolls.  After that, Mrs. Martinez’s 5th grade class and Mr. Henning’s 5th grade class joined us to run two laps around the field.  If you continued to run the entire two laps you would earn a chain necklace with a small plastic foot on it.  The majority of students received a necklace and foot.

Upon returning to class, we took out our ball point pens to grade our spelling homework.  We are supposed to use blue or red ball point pens only for correcting our work. The homework we were grading was two crossword puzzles.  

Afterwards, we tried to complete the final drafts of our narrative writing.  When we finished Mr. Coley would display them on our classroom walls.  We could choose to write from two different ideas.  The first one was, My Bad Hair Day.  The second one was, The Time I couldn’t Stop Laughing.

Our next task was to read our Houghton Mifflin books.  Our class read a story called Volcanoes by Seymour Simon.  The book had illustrations about volcanoes erupting. 

Once we finished our Houghton Mifflin reading we went on to our spelling practice books.  We did pages 41 & 42 in our practice book.  These two pages taught us about Clouds and how to classify them. 

Once we finished with our practice books we then moved on to our Science test.  Our science test was covering information on cells, organism, and kingdoms.  We had been studying for this test over the past week. 

When that was over, Mr. Coley decided to read out loud the story Among The Imposters to our class.  This is one of Mr. Coley’s favorite books.  This is the second book in a series of seven books.

It was time for our first recess break.  My friends and I played a basketball game called lightning.   We were able to play two rounds before the bell rang to go back to class.

Upon returning to class, I got ready for math to begin.  We started class by doing the math card warm up.  We shaved our class time by six seconds.  Next, we corrected page 31 & 32, #10-33.  During math time, we had our lesson on equivalent fractions.   After that, Mr. Coley gave examples of them and we did practice on our white boards.

Lunch was finally here!  My friends and I played Football.  We had a large group and the aides made us divide into four groups with eight players in each group. 

When that was over I was on my way back to class.  Our daily agenda was changed.  We would usually do S.S.R. but instead we’re doing social studies.

In Social Studies we did a flow chart on the Columbian exchange.  We also talked about what diseases the Europeans brought over to America. The deadliest disease was small pox. 

Finally, our day was coming to an end and Mr. Coley read Among The Imposters for a second time.  Just as the bell rang at 2:30PM, we got to the tenth chapter.  Following the bell was the announcement of the quiet seat.  I wondered who would be the lucky classmate.  Unfortunately, the quiet seat was not quiet...bummer!  Tomorrow is another day so, better luck tomorrow.  Once that was done, I was on my way home!  Thursday was a great day for this roving reporter!

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