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Friday, September 10, 2010
Reported by Jonathan

Today was Friday and the students are doing D.M.A. There doing some language, analogies and geography. The geography question on geography question was like what was the capital of Texas or how many states border in California. The students were very quiet and working hard on their journals. Mr. Coley told the students to get their correcting pens out of their white trays. They were correcting on their journals. And then the students are checking on their Science Weekly. After the Science Weekly it was the spelling test lesson 4. And some of the challenge words. And then, Mr. Coley was going on the ColeyCast.   Mr. Coley told the students to do their own ColeyCast. There doing science on the ColeyCast. Mr. Coley just picked sticks that who could be the host of Structures of living things, Parts of speech and Kinds of sentences. So the students are thinking some ideas for the ColeyCast.  And then the students are getting their Social Studies book and Explorers packet out. The students were working quietly. And then Mr. Coley was reading Among the Imposters. And the students liked it. And then, it was the W.H.C. And Ryan was the winner and Ethan B. was student of the week. And then, it was Deal or No Deal. And then, the students are going out for P.E.

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