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Monday, September 13, 2010
Reported by Taylyn

Hello, my name is Taylyn and I am your Roving Reporter today. The first thing we did this morning was write down our homework. We than read for 15 minutes, did our practice book page 89, finished our writing and mirror, and last but not least Mr. Coley told us we needed to get our science test signed.

After we were finished, we checked our mailboxes. I had my science weekly in there. Everybody immediately started looking over it.

The 3rd thing we did was jobs. A girl named Megan became pledge leader.  Another girl named Maia passed out mail.    

Next came spelling. There were words like bald and coward. It was pretty easy.     

Then it was time for what I was waiting forÖColeyCast! Coley! ColeyCast is where you find your partner and work together on writing a script. Then you or your partner gets to speak and Mr. Coley will put it on his awesome website! Everyday we will work for about 20 minutes. I work with a boy named Connor. I will be speaking as the host of structures of living things.

After that we jumped right into reading. We did our practice book page 43. It was all about root words. After, we read Volcanoes. When we finished that we did another practice book page pages 41 and 42 it was all about clouds.

Mr. Coley passed back a science test and that was it.

Then we read Among the Imposters! I donít want to spoil it. I can tell you that something happens though.

After recess was math, I switch classes to Mr. Henningís class. In there I did 24s. For example, if the numbers are 9, 1, 8, and 6 you could do 9+1=10+8=18+6=24! Then we got into groups of 2, buddied up with another group, and played fraction bingo! My team won!

Well thatís as far as I got today because I left early so I donít who was the quite seat.

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