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Tuesday, September 14, 2010
Reported by Cat

Hi, my name is Cat and I'm the Roving Reporter for Tuesday, September 14, 2010. Today we started with P.E. We had to run two laps around the field. If we were jogging the whole time, we could earn our second foot. A foot is a small plastic foot on a chain.

After P.E., we came into our classroom and took our homework out. Then we wrote down our new homework for tonight.

Afterwards, it was time for spelling. We graded our spelling homework from last night (PB pg. 89).We then graded 2 pages about cloud classification. After that, we did PB pgs. 48-49 together. They were about grammar rules.

Next, we went to the Computer Lab. We took an A.R. (accelerated reader) quiz on our story for the week, Volcanoes. Then, we did FASTT Math and Kidblog, Room 34's Book Blog.

After we came back, we had Social Studies. We started a new flow chart. A flow chart is a chart with different pictures, scenes, and arrows to tell order the pictures and scenes are in. Our new flow chart is about explorers and conquerors.

When Social Studies  was over, we went to recess. I played with my best friend.

Following recess was math .I went to Mr. Henning's math class.  We went over our homework and then learned about comparing fractions.
When that was over, it was time for lunch. Today at the cafeteria they served grilled cheese sandwiches.

Upon returning to class, we took out our science book and notes and started Chapter 2, Lesson1, on our science notes.

When we finished, Mr. Coley told us that the Quiet Seat was quiet. The Quiet Seat was Jasmine!!!!!!!!

After learning that, we went to the library. Every body got 1,2 ,or 3 books. I only got 1,though.Then the bell rang at 2:30,and every body left. Well, that's the end of this day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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