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Wednesday, September 15, 2010
Reported by Jasmine

Today was Wednesday and the students are doing morning business.  First they write there home work down then the students get there mail.

Next, the students get there spelling out and a correcting pin then they get there spelling home work out and they check it with Mr. Coley.   

After that, the students get there narrative essays ready for putting it all to gather for a book then after they got it ready  Mr. Coley calls each table for him to staple it wile he calls each table the rest of the students get to switch story’s with a partner and they read enchanters  story’s. 

Then, the students get ready for Coley cast some of the students are finishing there sloppy copy and some are on raft draft. 

During math time the students get to there math class some class are doing test and some are not after some of the students finish the test they get to read.

After math class the students get there reading books  out and get ready for silent reading then the students went to lunch after lunch  the students come back in to class and read then the library person picks  two sticks and the sticks the person picked was 14 and 8.

Finally, it was time for science the students get there science out and the students did Vascular Plants

Math class the students do silent reading someone pulls to sticks

For the bean bag and the numbers were 14 and 8.

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