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Thursday, September 16, 2010
Reported by Josef

First we had P.E. in the morning, and then we stretched outside. Next we ran to the line to run three laps. When we were done running we all grabbed a foot charm. A foot charm is a charm that looks like a foot and goes on our silver chain, and each foot charm stands for how many miles we ran. After that we headed back to class.

Next Mr. Coley said to us, “Get your homework out and hold it up”. After that we went our amazing spelling, crossword puzzle, and ILT. After we were done with that we checked our science weekly. When we were done checking the awesome science weekly we went on to reading.

Now we did our theme test G, L, K, J, H. when we were done with cool theme test we had to read until Mr. Coley said to stop, and then we put our books away. Then we moved on to science.

In science we reviewed our notes that Mr. Coley taught us yesterday. We reviewed about vascular plants and non vascular plants also many different parts of a flower such as a pistil, stamen, and ovary. After that we did a vascular plant vocabulary sheet, when we finished with that we moved onto math.

In math we talked about our test. After we were done talking about the test we were given our tests back to us. Some kids were moving on to fractions, and other kids reviewed again. then we moved onto SSR silent reading.

We moved on to silent reading and the book I am reading is A Magic Tree House: Carnival at Candle Light. After that we have two people sit on the bean bags. Today it was Conner and Ethan who got to sit on the bags. When we were done with that we moved on o social studies.

Finally in social studies we did two flow chart pictures. We talked about how Moctezuma gave the Conquistadors two gold disks one was gold and the other was silver. Then we all packed up our stuff and left school,

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