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Friday, September 17, 2010
Reported by Jenny

Today was Friday 9/17/10 we started out going to Friday flag, and Mr. Fanning sang.

Then we we had a Spelling test.

After that we we did the theme test where we did one half today and the class did the other half yesterday.

We went to an assembly where we saw what we can get if we sell some stuff for a fundraiser and there were some pretty cool things we can earn. And me and my friends said we are going to sell as much as we can this time, to help the PTA.

Then we came back and did Coley Cast, I am partners with Alana ,and we do nouns .  Coley Cast is where we record what there job is for example nouns and adjectives and other things like that.

Then math where we switch for every ones level I'm in Mrs. Beckers and for our multiplications we have the Empire state building to practice off of. And another thing we do is war where we have flash cards and we put them down as fast as we can and answer them.

then for Friday business Ethan played Deal or No Deal, and he won one piece of licorice .

Then Mr. Coley read Among the Imposter's to us and Luke was walking with Jacel boy and Jacel boy told Luke his real name ,and it was Jason. Jason invited luke to sit with him and his group and Jason told his group that luke knew Jen, and every one in his group was asking him questions about her Luke evan told them his real name. At breakfast they invited Luke to sit with them , but he had a scared up face so after he went to breakfast with them he went to the nurce, and she asked what happend and Jason said he ran into a wall and she asked what wall and Jason saved him by saying he got scatched by the carpet . So after that they went to class and Jason helped him where his classes were .

Then we did P.E. / Nation ball. And Ethan the one who played Deal or No Deal was the only one in because I wouldnt go in.

And this is what we did today.

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