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Wednesday, September 22, 2010
Reported by Ethan C.

Today started out to be a gloomy morning with clouds and no sunshine.  We lined up in front of room #34 like we normally do to wait for class to start.  Mr. Coley came around the corner to let us in.  We all went straight to our desk and took our homework folders out of backpacks. 

Every morning we start with DMA.  Mr. Coley asked us to get our journals out so that we could start our DMA.   We worked on correcting sentences.  For example, the sentence, “I’d love to be a time traveler then I visit King Louis” was wrong and we fixed it so that that it was, “I’d love to be a time traveler, then I would visit King Louis”.

Next was spelling.  Mr. Coley told us to get our spelling homework out so that we could check it.  One by one he called out our names to ask us the question.  We then write down how many we missed on the top of the homework page. 

Our next subject was reading and Mr. Coley asked us to take out our reading books.  We are reading a book called Heart of a Champion by Michelle Kwan.  The book is about Michelle’s life and how she is a figure skater.  Mr. Coley read out loud and I really liked the story. 

Afterwards, it was time for Social Studies.  Mr.Coley asked us to take our Social Studies note`s and our crayons out.  Before we started on our scenes he tested us on our Lesson 1 questions and he called on us one by one.  Then we started on our scenes for Social Studies. We got out our notes out and started on our scenes.  We read about the Spanish taking over the Aztec`s and they killed the King and took over.  The Aztec`s stood up and pushed the Spanish out of their Kingdom but there was a problem the King was dead.

Then, it was time for Math.  Everyone went their own Math classrooms.  When my Math teacher, Mrs. Becker, opened the door she asked us to take our Math homework out.  We started on some fractions.  Mrs. Becker called on us to tell her what an equivalent fraction is.  Then Math was done and we went back to our class.

While the class is reading, Mr. Coley calls back kids to record in the headphones.  When you put the headphones on you get nervous but it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

Finally, it was 15 minutes before school was done, so Mr. Coley took out a book called Among the Imposters.  The book is about a boy named Luke Garner and he a third child born which is illegal in his world.   Luke had a textbook and knocked a kid named Jason who is part of the population police.   Mr. Coley for the last 15 minutes of class.   The bell rang and we put our homework folders in our backpacks and left the class for the day.

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