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Monday, September 27, 2010
Reported by Ethan #6

Hi, I’m Ethan, and I’m going to be the Roving Reporter for today.  I got to school at 8:10 am, and I played basketball with Ryan and Marcus.  When the bell rang, I got in line and waited for the day to begin.

First I did the “Morning Business.” Morning Business is when we get out last night’s homework, write down tonight’s homework, and get the flyers and tests out of your mailbox.  I barely finished it because I started late after sitting down.

After that we dove into Spelling and really started the day.  In Spelling, we did our seventh pretest.  Our paychecks were due so we got Coley Cash!  Coley Cash is Mr. Coley’s way of saying, “Nice job.”  If you do poorly you get less cash, and if you behave you get more cash.  That meant we also had new jobs.  Jobs are what you do in class.  I got “Date” which meant that I change the date every morning on the whiteboard.

After Spelling, we did Reading.  In Reading, we learned about Singular and Plural possessive nouns.  We did a practice book page about them.  Mr. Coley introduced our homework about them and our Spelling word sort.  He was so kind to even let us start our possessive nouns sheet.

Following Reading, Mr. Coley introduced Literature Circles, one of Mr. Coley’s favorite activities.  Mr. Coley said that you have worksheets for each book (Example: Connector, Illustrator, Correspondent, Word Finder, and Discussion Director).  I thought this was pretty interesting. 

Next we had Social Studies.  We talked about the Maya and Inca Native American tribes.  We looked at where the Inca lived on Google Earth and where the Maya lived on the map.

Once that was done, we had recess.  It was called inclement weather because it was so hot outside.  Since it was inclement weather, we had to go inside the multipurpose room and watch a movie.  I was bored so I talked to Ryan and I made jokes.

After returning to class we had Math.  Right after we started we did math cards.  Math Cards are sort of like a puzzle.  If you get them all right, you have a time.  Our time was 1:49.  We went over our hundreds sheet after that.  On a hundred sheet you fill in boxes that equal your problem (Example: 8x8=64).  When you’re done, it will make something like a shape.  To end Math we played Mastermind.  Mastermind is a guessing game where you guess four numbers that are zero through six.  If you get one right, and in the right place, he gives you a plus symbol.  If you get one right, but in the wrong place, he gives you a minus symbol.

After we finished that game, we had lunch.  I ate quickly so I could talk to my friends.  We watched another movie so I read.

Finally, we packed up and I ran out the door.  Mr. Coley said “Goodbye,” and I was off.  Once again, I’m Ethan and I was your Roving Reporter today.

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