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Tuesday, September 28, 2010
Reported by Clarissa

Hi, my name is Clarissa as usual we do our morning business to take out our homework and to check our mailbox. Next, Mr. Coley said it is time to do writing

For writing today we will be doing a paragraph about what we did before school, and to include adjectives, adverbs, renamers, and 3 actions. Once I was done I saw how long my paragraph was I finished the front page!

After that we did the pledge we all stand up and start to say the pledge.  Once that was done we went and corrected our spelling pages they were kind of easy but a bit hard.

After that we reviewed our vocab words some of the words are easy and some are hard. I am glad we are reviewing the words because I didn’t even study. Time for the quiz like 5 minutes later I was done the test was a bit easy.

When that was over we went to computer lab. When we got there I sat next to my best friend, Alana. We had to do A.R, Fast math, and our explorer notes. I finished all my notes I feel so happy be ahead.

In social studies we are doing a flow chart a flow chart is when you write a little sentence about what happened the fun part is you get to draw a little scene. Who we are doing it on Columbus, Hernan Cortes, and final is Spanish build an Empire. We are almost done but sometimes are agenda has a lot more to do.

In math class we don’t stay with Mr. Coley we switch to different classes that are our level. My teacher is Mr. Henning he is great teacher he taught me many secret ways to do math he is awesome! Today we are starting rounding. I really love rounding! In example is like you have $19 what is the closest it can round to the answer is $20. Kind of easy right.

When we got back to class Mr. Coley was getting kind of sick so he had to go home.   When we got to lunch we ate cheese sandwich ‘’mmmmmmmmm’’ Once that was done we went inside the cafeteria and watched a movie. After that they dismissed us to our class.

Upon returning to class we saw our substitute she was really nice. Once we got inside she said “I am sorry you had to stay inside” so she was nice enough for us to stretch out and put our hands up and to giggle a bit. After that we did silent reading while we were reading she looked around to see what books we are reading I was kind emerased to talk a bit. So then it turned really quite after that we turned in our library books. When we finished reading we went to the library. We walked as quietly as we can so we wouldn’t distract the classes .Once we got there we went to go pick out a book I chose two one of Tinker Bell and another one though I forgot. After that I sat down with my friends and started to type to get started ‘’Ring Ring ‘’the bell rang which means it was time to go. I went to go pick up my brother then drove home. Now that is my fabulous day at school!

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