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Wednesday, September 29, 2010
Reported by Mason

It all started one cloudy Wednesday. It was the beginning of the day when our substitute Mrs. Coley had said “Good morning class!” Our first subject this morning was D.M.A, it’s basically a morning quiz.  In today’s D.M.A we did language, analogies, and geography.  Today’s geography question was:  What is the capital of South Dakota? The answer was Pierre.

Once that was done we read some paragraphs that we had to do for homework and many of them where really funny! For example one of my friends Alex had one where he could not get up!  After this we did some correcting to our homework. The homework was this wheel, and we had to find hidden spelling words.  We have many spelling words here are 3: smear, germ and term.

Next, we read or book Among the Impostors.  In today's part of the book, traitor Jason has betrayed his fellow exnays (shadow children) and Jason is arrested.  Now Luke goes to the creator of his school Mr. Hendricks, and his old friends dad named Jen.  Mr. Talbot and Mr. Hendricks is helping Luke mess up the government plans.  I can't believe that Mr. Talbot and Mr. Hendricks      

After this was over we went into social studies.  In today's lesson we learned about Spain using a paper called encomiendas, (e:co:me:endas), to use Indian labor.   We learned that a man named Cabrillo explored along the coast of California. When we do social studies we do something called flowcharts. We get to do notes, then color, it’s very fun!

After we were done with today's social studies, we moved on to a game called 20 clues.  In this game we have to guess what the noun is.  If we don't get the clue we go to the next person.  We keep going around the room until someone gets the answer.  If they get it right they get two pieces of candy!

After that we had recess then we went to math.  In math we did a quiz. Then our teacher did math problems and they were all about animals!  It was really fun but it got pretty loud! Then she made us do whiteboards today, it was simplifying fractions.

After that was lunch. Then we had S.S.R. (super silent reading).  I read Harry Potter And The Sorcerers Stone. It’s about a boy who lives in the muggle world (like today’s life) but then a big man named Hagrid comes and takes him to the wizard world.

Finally our last subject had come, science! Today we learned that leaves produces food for a plant and then in gives carbon dioxide (what we breathe out.)  After that then it was time to go! Then our teacher told us who the quiet seat was...... Apparently the quiet seat was not quiet. Then our day ended with picking up the room.  Then we got a goodbye from Mrs. Coley, she said “Goodbye have a nice day!”

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