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Thursday, September 30, 2010
Reported by Adrian

Hi, my name is Adrian, and I will be reporting about what we did in school today. Enjoy!

First, we did P.E. It was fun. Before we ran, we did some warm-ups. They were ankle circles, side stretch, front stretch, and flamingos. Now it was time to do the tiring mile run. We had to start out slow, and end fast. When we started everyone gets stuck while going around the backstop. It was just like what Mr. Henning said, “The place where you’ll get tired is in the middle over there”, and it was true I got really tired while running in the middle. When we were done we get two plastic and fake feet. We get them for passing our last time and one for passing the required time. But this time it was different, we got one extra foot each because last time he forgot to do it last time. I got three feet to put on my necklace. My time was 11:04 and last time I got 11:04 so I shaved off seven seconds. 3 people got no time because they didn’t remember their times.

Next, was morning business. For him to see our homework we unzipped our backpacks, got our homework folders, opened them, and got it out. We held it up when he called it out. We wrote down our homework. It was practice test or 3x each for spelling, read 15 mins. for reading, study for test for social studies, discussion director practice job for writing, weekly challenge for Mr. Coley’s math class, and lit. circles parent letter for misc. We also checked our boxes. Only handouts, notices, and grades come in them. I almost always get A’s.

Then, it was time to correct science weekly and spelling. This time we didn’t correct spelling, but we corrected science weekly. We just passed it in for him to correct. For Science weekly 14 points were possible. I know I got at least half of it correct I just hope I get all the highlighting correct for the crossword puzzle.

After that, was literature circles. He passed out a packet about questions. He let us cross out the first two pages because we weren’t aloud to use them, but we kept the other 4 pages. We drew stars by the good questions to use, underlined the word you, and circled the question “why or why not”. We also did part of the writing homework in class when he passed it out.

In social studies, we did notes, and the teacher drew a cape on Bartolome de las Casas to show that he was a super priest. We also drew 3 more scenes without pictures. He let us write questions on index cards. Then we played the game to study for the test. When we finished the middle and my table tied up in the game.

After that, it was raining so we had to stay inside. The movie we watched was Aladdin.

During math time, we got 1:59 on math cards so we didn’t shave anything off. Then we took a test that was 20 questions long. When we were done I did my homework and read The Shadows of Goll. For the rest of math we played mastermind. People thought he did the same number in it. When he got to 3 +`s everybody went “oh”! When Lucas got the number 2016 it was correct and he won an air head.

When that was over, it was lunch. It was still raining so we ate inside, and we watched Jimmy Neutron.

After lunch, we skipped Artist of the Month. It was moved to tomorrow.

Afterwards, we read the first chapter of Where the Red Fern Grows. It was about a dog that gets attacked by a pack of other dogs. Then this kid tries to stay sill then it runs away to him and he tries to let it go.

Finally, we got the big Ziggy with a playground ball ,a flat red one, and I got a little orange Ziggy.

That is what happened in school today. Hope you enjoyed. Bye!

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