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Friday, October 1, 2010
Reported by Alana

Hello students of Room 34,I am Alana, and Today I am your Roving Reporter for today, Friday, October 1,2010.

Today is a Friday so today we go to Friday Flag as always we have Shark Bites, and of course they talk about PTA and now we have Student Council Representative so everyone in the school entered how people in their class is wearing school colors which is blue and black, and we got 18 (much better than last week when we only had 9), but unfortunately Mrs. Reed got it because she unfortunately 25. Mrs. Picchiottino said, “Mr. Fanning is bringing a special guest next week so he won’t be performing today”. So after Friday Flag we went back to our classroom and we unpacked our bags, got our homework out, wrote in our Minder Binder (Mr. Coley’s way of saying agenda), and checked our mailboxes.

Afterwards, we took out a pencil and our white trays out and began our Lesson 7 spelling test. Two of our spelling words were homophones like pier, a good place to fish and peer, to look out the window. Also two of them sounded alike like hurl and pearl. Then it was on to the challenge words, if you missed 0,1.or 2 on the practice test then you are required to the challenge words, but if you didn’t miss 0,1,or 2,and you missed 3 or 4,and you still like do it then you write “just for fun”.

When we finished spelling, we went onto Literature Circles. Lit. (short for literature) Circles is were a group of 4 or 5 people, at your same level of reading standards) coming together to read a book at the same level as you are. So for homework we had to practice the first job and that job is “Discussion Director”, and that was about you had to make up your own questions that the answer cannot be found in the book or can be a one answer question, (we decided to go with the book Among the Hidden and Among the Imposters) here is one of Emma’s question, If you were Luke and you didn’t call Mr. Talbot, Jen’s dad, what do you think would of happened? Everybody had great answers, but I like this answer, A: He could have gotten caught by population police. So then Mathew decided to go with his question which was, If you were going to rate it what would you rate it? Why? I went with Alana’s, the roving reporter for today, answer which was, a 7 out of 10, because I thought it could use more pages, more information. Mr. Coley said that was enough question’s so we moved on.

Following Literature Circles we moved onto Artist of the Month and our artist is… Claude Monet he had such a passion so he went to Paris, France, the Art City of the World, and he also met another artist named Renoir (Ren-wa). We used whiteboards so we wrote are answers on the whiteboards and showed Mr. Coley. Claude Monet was born in Le Havre, France in 1840 and died in 1926, but before he died he painted some great pictures like one of his famous painting “Woman with Umbrella”. Monet loved to paint the sky and sea because the sky and sea change at morning and night, but he also liked to paint flowers and waters. Before Monet did any of his famous painting he served in the military for 3 years. He also developed techniques of impressionism. Impression used quick brushstrokes and patches of bright that blend together. Also something interesting about Monet is any of his paintings either have water or a garden. We are doing reflections, another thing Monet loved to do, what we do we draw a beach scene with some hills or mountains and some trees (optional), then we only color in the top and after we do that we make the reflection and then take paint and water the paint and brush, but unfortunately we could not finish because it was recess.

In Social Studies, we corrected our Study Guide Packet, and we took the test that Mr. Coley has been talking to us about for weeks. When we finished we just read a book, but of course it was lunch time.

When we came back from lunch we did S.S.R., which stands for Super Silent Reading while Mr. Coley records his ColeyCast. A ColeyCast is a broadcast talking about school subjects like Reading, describing the books we read, or Lit. Circles, or even the 8 Planets. So Mr. Coley recorded Kinds of Sentences like Exclamatory: BOO!, Imperative: Go., Interrogative: Really?, and Declarative: Nice..

At 2:00, Friday Business which everyone gets excited about! Friday Business is Weekly Homophone Challenge, a WHC is a question that asks you something when the answer is two words that sound the same but is spelled differently like for this weeks WHC was When TWO COUPLES go to a restaurant TOGETHER they ask for a table…(complete the sentence) A: FOR FOUR, and that winner was MEGAN!! So she got opportunity to play Deal or no Deal, she chose case #10,her school number, and she started off super great and ended up okay, and her had $75.00 instead of $1,000,000 dollars. Last but not least the Student of the Week was Emma,(who got to open the cases at Deal or no Deal on the computer). The quiet seat was not quiet today, but there is still Monday. We were also going to do P.E., but we did not. Finally, It was to go home because it was 2:30.

Thank You, so much for reading my blog I hope you enjoyed my blog. BYE-BYE!!!:]

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