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Monday, October 4, 2010
Reported by Sheyenne

When I came to school this morning, I went to play football with my friends and my brother. The bell rung and we walked to class.  When I got to my classroom I noticed that Mr. Coley moved the desks into rows.

Then Mr. Coley said clean out your work in progress folder. He also, said he wanted us to organize our desks because some desks were very messy.  So everyone in class started to clean our desks.

Mrs. Lori said to the class to do UN finish work.  While Mrs. Wesolowski   tried to get the projector to work in class.  That was not possible because something was wrong with the program. So Mrs. Wesolowski put the video on her computer. Then the class did rotations. Everyone in class had a turn to computer, independent reading and small groups. Then Mrs. Lori asked questions about fires out of control.  Class was over so we went to Social Studies.

Mr. Coley said to highlight all of the vocabulary words in our packet. He also, said that we can start on our flow charts. We had 15 min left in class so he said that we can color our flow charts.

During recess my friend and I played football with the other kids in my class.  The team I was on lost by 7 points. The bell rung and we went back to class.

It was time to change to our math groups.  Mrs. Becker was not here today so Mrs. Fritz past out our practice test.  Then she passed out our test even though she wasn’t supposed to until Tuesday. 

Mr. Coley had a meeting so he told us to clean our desk quickly and we got to get a Capri Sun and we went home.  My day at school was busy.

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