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Tuesday, October 5, 2010
Reported by Alex T.

When I was dropped off for school at the back gate, it was cloudy and chilly. I walked to the classroom, waiting outside. I stayed there and talked to my friend. Later, my other friend, Andrea, came over and said that there was a hawk on the roof of a classroom. Soon, the news of the hawk was known to almost everyone. There was quite a lot of people there, looking at the hawk. The bell rang and we had to go line up. Mr. Coley came out of the classroom. He said to put our backpacks inside and go line up outside for P.E. We did as we were told. The class lined up outside and headed out to the grass to stretch before P.E. We did front and side stretches. When we were done stretching, we went to the blacktop where the portables were near the grass. After all of the fifth grade classes were there, Mr. Henning, one of the fifth grade teachers, told us where we would run. Then, we went off running a mile. My time for running was ten minutes and twenty-eight seconds. It wasn’t my best time, but at least I got under twelve minutes. Mr. Coley told us to tell our time to Andrea. After all of us ran the mile and told our time to Andrea, we went to class. When we were outside the classroom, Mr. Coley said to get out our homework, get your minder binder (agenda) out, and write down our homework when we get inside. We checked if we did and have our homework. The class passed in the A.R. goals sheet and our social studies test. Then we talked a little bit about our explorer notes, route map, and what we’ll do in computer lab.

After P.E. and morning business, it was spelling. We were going to check our practice book, page 145 (spelling homework), but Mr. Coley said we’ll check it tomorrow with page 146.

In writing, we learned about “Surround the Noun”, one of our Big Six in writing.  “Surround the noun” is putting one or two adjectives before the noun. Also putting something that starts either with, that or with. Here’s an example that we did in class. The skinny woman with diamond earrings. Then Mr. Coley gave a practice sheet on surround the noun. After he explained what we would do, we started to work on it. We quietly worked on the practice sheet. About fifteen or twenty minutes passed, everyone was done. Before we went to computer lab, we listened to Coley Cast #48 about kinds of sentences.

Once that was done, Mr. Coley told us what we were going to do in the computer lab. He also told us to get out our explorer report packet, notes, a pencil, and a highlighter. Once we done that, we were headed to the computer lab. First, we did fast math. The next thing we would do was to take an A.R. quiz if we needed to. After fast math and A.R., we worked on our explorer notes. While everyone was doing that, Mr. Coley passed out a route map that we needed. We worked on the notes until it was time to go. It was about 10:40 when we went back to the classroom.

Next up on our agenda is Where The Red Ferns Grow, but before Mr. Coley reads aloud, he talked more about the explorer notes and route map. Then it was time for Mr. Coley to read the book. In the book, Billy read an ad about coonhounds for $25, but he wants two coonhounds, that’s $50. He planned things out by saving up his money, and he only had twenty-three cents. He got a can from the dumpster, and made the can his bank. Billy worked really hard to earn money. He got a stick, put it in the can, and realized that the stick had gotten shorter. Which is a good thing because he has more money now. Next year in the summer he worked harder to get his $50. Finally, he got his $50 at last. It took him two years to earn fifty dollars. Mr. Coley stopped there because it was time for recess.

Now it’s math time! The students have different math teachers, so they got all of their stuff and went to math. I am in Mr. Coley’s math class. Today we had to use white boards. We got up and got some white boards for the row. Later, the math class came in. We started off with math cards. Today we get to do the red cards! We beat the record for the other one. Our time was 1:31, a new record! The red cards were harder than the first one. We got 5:35, a bad time, but it was our first try though. Then we checked our homework. The class passed in our test, and got out their correcting pen. The whole class corrected page seventy-seven in our hard cover textbook. After that, Mr. Coley told us to take out our white board marker and eraser. We did some extra practice on turning fractions into decimals. Now today’s lesson was comparing fractions and decimals. We also did some practice on that on the white board. Mr. Coley said, “This is part of your homework.” The other part was least to greatest. Then the students who aren’t in Mr. Coley’s class wrote down the math homework. Mr. Coley let us start our homework in class. About fifteen minutes later, it was time to go back to their classroom. The others came in, dropped their math stuff, put in their desk, and lined up for lunch. We headed down for lunch, one line to buy lunch, and the other one was for bringing lunch.

In Science, we got out our chapter 2 lesson 2 vocabulary worksheet, and correcting pen. The class corrected it together. Next, we reviewed the first part of our notes about leaves. Then, we filled in the food making part in our notes. Mr. Coley said we would do the second page tomorrow. Now we are done with science for the day because we have library today. We put our science notes away and got out our book or books if we were going to return it. Mr. Coley went to the homework board and reviewed what was our homework for tonight.  Also, Mr. Coley announced yesterday’s Quiet Seat because we didn’t have time and it was an early release day. Yesterday’s Quiet Seat was quiet, and it was, Trevor. Now, today’s Quiet Seat was quiet again. The Quiet Seat was Jenny. The class all got their backpacks and went down to the library. Every student was either picking out a new book or renewing them, or both. I picked a new book and put it in the AR goal sheet. Then, I went to one of the tables and read. Mrs. Groff handed out a bookmark to everyone. It was the color of a penny because it had pennies on it. There was also a big penny at the top of the bookmark. Soon the bell rang, we all pushed in our chair, got our backpacks, and went home.

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