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Wednesday, October 6, 2010
Reported by Trevor

Happy Wednesday … So glad we are half way thru the week.  My name is Trevor and I am the Roving Reporter for today, October 6th, 2010 in Mr. Coley’s 5th grade class.

Today, like every other day, we stared out with DMA.  As I have described before, we are continuing to write down sentences to correct, writing out analogies, and geography. When Mr. Coley is ready we take our journals and a pen out and start correcting. 

When we are finished with DMA we go over our writing “surround the noun”.   In “surround the noun”, in case you don’t know, it helps to make your sentences more descriptive.  Instead of checking it with a pen, we have an open discussion in class.  First you take a noun in the sentence and then surround it with adjectives, for example … “The big man walked down the scary street.”  In this sentence “street” and “man” are the nouns.

We move onto Literature Circles.  Today we were practicing the new job for literacy circles.  The new job was the “word finder”.  The “word finders” job is to find words that are unknown and make a list and then find the words in the dictionary to learn the definitions.   Mr. Coley instructed us to take out a post-it note and said if you are right handed to put it on your right side and if you are left handed put it on that side.  Mr. Coley passed out a packet containing work from a famous author that contained unknown words in a complicated story.

Social Studies is our next curriculum on the schedule.  We gather our social studies notes and colored pencils, our explorer packet and highlighter.  We were working on our flow chart notes.  Flow chart notes are something that Mr. Coley uses to help us understand social studies and they are fun.

Match is next on the agenda and we went over our homework for correction.  Today’s area of study was … place value.  Our math teacher, Mrs. Martinez was ill today and we had a substitute.  It can sometimes be difficult to work with a substitute. 

Science (my favorite subject) we listened to a “Coley Cast” and the lesson we listened to was “Animal Cells to Plant Cells to Cell Organism then the Six Kingdoms”.  After that was our most important part, the power point presentation.  The slide show used to help us with our notes. 

The weather today was cold, cloudy and rainy.  Significant difference from the almost 100 degree weather we had last week.  The change sure is nice. 

Again, my name is Trevor and I am your Roving Reporter…good night *beep* *beep* *beep*... *fade to black*

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