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Thursday, October 7, 2010
Reported by Andrea

Hi, my name is Andrea, and today I’m the roving reporter.

The first thing I did when I came in the class was that, I took out my homework, took out my DMA journal, and then I started working. The geography question today was “How many states border California?” The answer was, 3. After I finished that, the principal, Mrs. Lockwood, said to drop everything and read. We read about 15 minutes or 20. Then I wrote my homework on my minder binder. After that Mr. Coley said to put everything down because, we were going to check the DMA. But first, we needed to do the pledge. After we did the pledge we checked the DMA. Myles got to be the teacher, the person that gets to correct DMA. I got only 4 wrong.

Then it was Lit. Circle time! So, I took out my Where Was Patrick Henry on the 29th of May? packet, my post its, and took out my pencil. While Mr. Coley was reading I wrote down weird or unknown words like veto and awe. After he finished reading he passed out paper and said “Name and number where it said name.” So, I did. After that he said to write the word spellbinding next to that we wrote the page the word was on. Next to the page number I wrote what I thought what the word meant. I thought it meant to stumble with words because the word spellbinding has the word spell. But then, when I checked in the dictionary it meant to put under a spell.

After Lit. Circles we were going to do social studies. So, I took out my social studies notebook, took out my social studies packet, took out my crayons, and then I took out a pencil. After I took everything out I started coloring things in. then Mr. Coley said crayons down pencils down color pencils down. So, I did. Today in social studies we were talking about John White and Sir Walter Raleigh. First we red that in Roanoke no children or women were allowed. But then, when the men couldn’t take it they let anyone go. Then when they were running out of supplies, John White went back to England there was a war. It was England vs. the Spanish. There was no way for John to get supplies through the war so he took 3 years to get back! When he came back, there was no one left. He looked every where. Until he found a tree that had been carved in the word “Croatoan”. Which was a tribe and place near Roanoke .When he was trying to go to Croatoan there was a very bad storm and he was running out of supplies he had to turn back. He never found the anyone, but some people think they were attacked by the Croatoan or they became friends and lived in Croatoan. Now this mystery is called “The Lost colony of Roanoke”. 

When the bell rang I got my snack out and headed out the door. I played with my friends Adrian and Alex. We played 4 corners but, we weren’t even playing it right! We now how to play but we were just goofing off.

Then the bell rang so I went in the class and sat. Some other people were leaving but, I didn’t leave because I had Mr. Coley for math. First we did the math cards, the 2 level math cards. I like the math cards, they are so much fun and challenging! My card was #1 and my question was “who has 4 more than 3 x 5 “. Of course the answer was 19 and our time was 4:38. We were 20 worse than the last time. Mr. Coley wasn’t there, so we had a sub. She was really nice and she is really fun to play with. After that, we checked our homework and I got a 100% .Then we played who wants to win three pieces of licorice. I didn’t get called out but, my friend Adrian did. He didn’t win any licorice because the question they gave him was really hard. Then Mr. Coley came back from the meeting.

About 10 or 7 minutes later the bell rang it was time for lunch. First we took out our science thing out, then we went to lunch. I had a ham and crackers for my lunch and Megan, my friend, had tuna and crackers, and also Megan’s mom had came so we played tether ball. Megan’s mom was very good for beginner for 2 reasons. One is being very tall and another is by hitting really hard and high so, I couldn’t really catch it because I was really short. But, I played her and beat her! But when I played Megan I didn’t beat her, she is much better than me.

Then the bell rang so I went back to class. I took my Science Weekly to check it .This time I finally got 100%. After we finished checking that we were listening to StudyCast #5 in www.mrcoley.com. It was about science and chapter 2 lessons 1-3 all about plants. It was about 17 or 18 minutes long.

Then it was time for s.s.r (supper silent reading). Now because I was the roving reporter I got to do my homework. The cool part of being a roving reporter is that you don’t have to do spelling and you can do your homework in the class so, all I did was my math. The homework from Mr. Coley class was page 89 (odds) in our math textbook and to study for tomorrows test. It was about turning fractions and mixed numbers into decimals. When I was finished with that, Mr. Coley said to but our books away. Then he was going to say the quiet seat, and it was quiet. The quiet seat was Samantha. That is what this class and your roving reporter did today.

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