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Friday, October 8, 2010
Reported by Alex S.

Hi my name is Alex S. and I’m the Roving Reporter for October 8, 2010.

The day started when I walked into Tovashal School at 8:19. I dropped off my backpack at the classroom door and walked to Friday Flag in the quad area. This Friday, they were giving out awards to some of the people that participated in the reflections academy. This years theme for reflections is “Together we can.” After they passed out the awards, the P.T.A talked about this years first book fair. Next week’s book fair’s theme is, “Books are Hero’s.” They said they’ll have 4 little cans at the fair. Each one has a picture of a hero. The pictures are going to be a firefighter, police, military person, and the last picture I couldn’t see. They said that if we wanted, we could put our change in those cans and by the end of next week which ever can gets the most money the person on the can will come to school. Also the money that was in the winning can, would be donated to Oak Grove School.

When we got to class we passed our homework down the rows of the desks and Mr. Coley collected the homework. Then, we wrote our name on our spelling test. Like always we have twenty spelling words and five challenge words. When your in Mr. Coley’s class, spelling tests are always fun! When you least expect it he yells, “OH MY GOSH!!!” He also made funny jokes about homemade salsa. One of the jokes were: The mayor announced that today was homemade salsa day. One that made me laugh in the past was: The cheerleaders made a cheer for homemade salsa. Mr. Coley made another one up. He said, “The Lady screamed because the burglar stole her homemade salsa.”

Next, we had literature circles. In literature circles we had to read through a packet and whatever word we did not understand, we would have to write the word down on a sticky note, put a dash line, and put the page number. When we were done with the packet we got a word finder worksheet and wrote the word in a box, the page number in another box, and write down what we think the word means in another box. Then we would have to look in the dictionary and write down what the word really means in another box.

In art, we were finishing our Claude Monet painting. I finally finished mine. I liked drawing the reflection and painting the water. When I was coloring in the top part, I mixed a lot of colors.  When I was painting, I made a really big mess on Mr. Coley’s table. After art, we got our math stuff out and went to recess. At recess, I talked with Joseph, my friend, and Matthew, my cousin.

During math time, Mr. Henning, my math teacher, taught the class how to turn a fraction like 1/5 into a decimal. I found out that 1/5 equals .2 and 2/5 equals .4 and 3/5 equals .6! We also learned how to change a decimal into a fraction like .5 is ½ and .8 is 4/5. We had to work on page 37 in our homework and problem solving workbook, and we had 15 minutes to complete that page. After 15 minutes was over, we had someone try the math board. The math board is a white board with about 65 flashcards on it. We had to complete that in 2 minutes and 30 seconds. BAD NEWS: the girl who tried the math board, didn’t pass.

Then, we went to lunch. Lunch is my favorite. The lunch line was so long! I ate galaxy cheese pizza. Galaxy cheese pizza is my favorite! J I ate lunch with Joseph and Matthew.

After lunch, we came back to Mr. Coley’s class and read Where the Red Ferns Grow by: Wilson Rawls. We read about when the boy named Billy buys two hound pups and gets into a fight with a group of people because they were pulling the dog’s ears.

After we read Where the Red Ferns Grow, we choose the weekly homophone challenge winner. The winner was… Jenny!!! The Star of the Week was… Myles!!! J Then we played… Deal Or No Deal! Jenny’s lucky case number was 10. She had a good start, then one of the cases she picked had… $1,000,000. L At the end of the game, she won 144,000 dollars which is five pieces of candy. After the game, Mr. Coley announced that the quite seat person was… Ethan C.!!!

Next was, P.E. We played dodge ball. I thought I was going to last in the game the whole time because of my dodging skills, but I didn’t even last for the first three minutes.  My team lost the dodge ball game.

Then, the bell rang at 2:30. Mr. Coley yelled, “HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND!” Then we grabbed our backpacks and left.

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