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Monday, October 11, 2010
Reported by Maia

Hello my name is Maia and today I am Roving Reporter. It was a bright sunny day on October eleventh and Mr. Coley greeted us a good morning. Then he said, “Take your journals out.” And we did our DMA. DMA is where you correct two sentences, two analogies and one geography question.  After we did our DMA, we have to write down our homework then check our mail box.  Once everybody is done, we get our correcting pen out and correct our DMA. Next we did our Coley Cash. Coley Cash is when you have to be good.  Then when he says dollar that means you must put one dollar. We did it today because we did not have enough time to do it on Friday. Next on the agenda is spelling and I like spelling.

In spelling, we took a pretest on lesson nine. We took a pretest to see if we are required or not.  When we are done with our spelling, we correct it together.  Once we are done correcting the spelling, we passed it to the middle so Mr. Coley could see it.  After that Mr. Coley said “Take your Explorer Reports out.” So we did. And he talked about putting the words you see into your own words. Now we have to go to lit. circle.

In lit. circle, we are going to do connector. Last time we did word finder but then we moved on. On connector we must write one paragraph about what happened in the book then we must write one separate paragraph on what it reminded me of. Then we move on to Social Studies!

On Social Studies we did a flow chart about The Virginia Colony. A flow chart tells you step by step on what happened to the Virginia Colony. It’s called the lost colony because no one knew what happened to the colony. Now it is time to put our Social Studies notes away and get our math notebook out.

Right after we took our math notebook out, we could go to recess.  But before I went to recess I looked at the weekly homophone challenge. The weekly homophone challenge is where you try to figure out what homophone challenge is so that’s what I did. Then I went to recess and talked to my friend about movies. Then the bell rang so she had to leave because she was not in my class.

After that we had to line up. Then we had to go get our math notebook out and go to our math teacher.   My math teacher is Ms. Martinez. Then when I went to Ms. Martinez classroom she told us to come inside the class room and wait for her direction. Then she said “Go get you work book page 23.” So the class did. After that she told us to hold on to the work book page 23.  Then she gave us a quiz.  And once we were done with that we gave it to her.   And the people who were done played math detective. As soon as everybody was done we played this game.  But I forget what the name of the game was.  She gives you a problem and we shade it in. Then math was over so we had to go back to Mr. Coley’s class. We went to lunch and that’s what we did.

During lunch, I talk to my friend and we talked about movies. While we were eating, we talked about Sushi!  And I love Sushi.  It’s good and my mom might give it to me for lunch tomorrow! Then we talked about movies again! While we were talking we were walking around the blacktop then the bell rang so we had to say good bye to each other.

When lunch was over we had to line up. Then Mr. Coley reminds us to bring our homework so we will not forget them.   In 5 or 4 minutes the bell is going to ring.  So I put all of my things in my backpack and then I took out my band binder because I have band lessons after school.  And now the bell just rang. Once again, my name is Maia and I am your roving reporter.   Good bye!

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