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Tuesday, October 12, 2010
Reported by Natalie

Hello. I'm Natalie and I am Roving Reporter today. I'm going to tell you about what we did and learned in class today.

First, Mr. Coley said, "Take out your homework, write down your homework, and today there is nothing in your mailbox." Then, we had to hold up our homework so Mr. Coley knows that we did it. After that, Mr. Coley told us about P.E. sticks. They are sticks that you collect after you do 1 lap. We have these now because some people are only running 3 laps and you are suppose to run 4 laps.

Next, we graded our science homework from last night. We turned it in, and then we had a science test. Before the test, he did a vocabulary review with us. We went over words like stomata and epidermis. Then, Mr. Coley gave us the test. Then we started. After we were done, we got to silent read.

After that was done, it was time to go to the computer lab. He told us that first you have to do fast math. Then we had to do A.R. (only if you needed to.) Last we had to do either our maps, flags, or rough draft for our explorer reports. Then everyone was done we got everything we needed, cleaned up our areas, and left the computer lab.

When we got back, we graded our lit. circle jobs. It was something called connector job. We had to connect a part in either Among the Hidden or Among the Impostors to something in real life or something on TV or anything you have seen before. Some people got to read their's out loud. I was someone who got to read it out loud. Mine was about how Luke got mad and sad in the book and how I got mad and sad before. Then it was time for recess.

When recess was over, it was time for math. First, we got out our homework. After that, we did something called math cards. There is a number and a question to go to another number. For example, I have 26. Who has the number of books or movies in a trilogy and so on. Then, we graded our homework which was order of operation. Next, he taught us about algebraic expressions. (which is on our homework tonight.) Mr. Coley let us do some of our math homework in class. Later, Mr. Coley forgot it was time to go, so he said, "Oh it's time to go. See you tomorrow." So, our homeroom class came in and we lined up for lunch.

Finally, we came in for lunch, and since we did not have library because we had to go to bookfair, we turned in books if we needed to. Then, we read more of Where the Red Fern Grows. He told the man he did not want to fight, but he had to because they were pulling on his dogs ears. He told the man it took him 2 years to raise money for the dogs. The man was surprised. He was going back to his house, but it was starting to get late, so he made a bed and a fire in the woods. Then, he heard something. He thought it sounded like a woman screaming, but it was not. It was a mountain lion. He heard the sound getting closer. He got very scared. We stopped there and Mr. Coley told us to make sure we had everything. We checked the floor and we lined up to go to the bookfair.

Well, that is pretty much what we did today. Bye!

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