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Wednesday, October 13, 2010
Reported by Matthew

Hi, my name is Matthew, and I’m your Roving Reporter for October 13, 2010. The day started when I walked into Tovashal School at 8:16. I walked to class, Mr. Coley opened the door for us, and we walked in and sat in our seats.

Mr. Coley said, “Everyone take out your DMA notebooks and start working and also take out your homework.” Mr. Coley gave us five questions.  One of the questions was, how many states are to the east of the Mississippi River? The answer was 26 states. Then, we corrected the rest of the questions.

After DMA, we corrected our spelling homework. Our spelling homework was Practice Book pages 165 and 166. I didn’t miss any problems. Next, Mr. Coley passed out our science test.

The next thing we did was, Literature Circles. In Literature Circles, we did Correspondent. Correspondent is when we write letters. He Google searched the closing of a friendly letter. We had to pretend we were writing to a person in Among the Hidden or Among the Imposters and we also had to pretend we were someone in the book. I picked Luke writing to the Population Police.

Following Literature Circle was Social Studies. In Social Studies we pulled out our colored pencils, a highlighter, a pencil, notebook, and our social studies packet. We are learning about Jamestown. I learned that the English went to America to start a colony. Everything was great for them until they started to drink undrinkable water and got diseases from mosquitoes called malaria. Later, I learned that John Smith, the captain, forced gentlemen to work for food. Then, John Smith was injured and returned to England.

Afterwards, Mr. Coley said, “Get your math stuff out.” Then he dismissed us out to recess. At recess, I ate my snack and walked around the playground with Alex, my cousin, and Joseph, my friend. When the bell rang, everyone went to class. I grabbed my math stuff and I went to math class.

My math teacher is Mr. Henning. We learned how to simplify expressions. We also learned the method of P.E.M.D.A.S. The “P” means parenthesis, the “E” means exponents, the “M” means to multiply, the “D” means to divide, the “A” means to add, and the “S” means to subtract. Another way to remember it is, “Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally.”

When that was over, everyone went back to their homeroom classroom. After everyone put their math stuff away, we went to lunch. At lunch, I ate rice and some carrots. Then, I played basketball.

Once lunch was done, we went back to class. Everyone was reading except the people who didn’t finish their correspondent job. One of them was me. I finished my correspondent job before science class started.

When science class started, everyone pulled out their science notebooks and science books. In Science, we are learning about the human body. We usually do fill in the blank notes, but this time Mr. Coley told us to write the whole notes down. While we were taking our notes, the fire alarm went off. Mr. Coley said to get in a straight line and start walking out. Mr. Coley said, “Don’t talk and face forward,” and he led us out to the black top. This was a fire drill and it was practice for if there ever was a real fire. 

Finally, we went back to class, put our science stuff away, packed up everything, and got ready to leave. Then, Mr. Coley announced the quiet seat. The quiet seat was… Alana!! After he announced the quiet seat, the bell rang at 2:30 and Mr. Coley dismissed us. Then, everyone went home.

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