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Friday, October 15, 2010
Reported by Emma

On one of the greatest Friday’s of the year we started out the day with our Friday flag. Mr. Coley lined us up, and we walked toward the stage. At Friday Flag, the P.T.A talked about the fun events at our school, and we talked about Race for the Cure. Almost every teacher in the entire school was wearing a Team Tovashal shirt to represent our school. I was wearing one as well. Our last thing in Friday Flag was the spirit flag two teachers won the flag. One from 3rd and up and the other from Kinder to 2nd. When we got back to class, we held up our homework for my teacher, Mr. Coley, to see. A lot of people got out their rough drafts from their explorer reports and then passed them in. I was ready for an awesome day.

We began with spelling. The paper passer passed out papers, we got out our pencils and white trays then put down our names, numbers and the date then numbered one through twenty. Mr. Coley started off naming the spelling words and we wrote them down as usual. Then the time came for challenge words. Some people were on challenge, some were not, like me I wasn’t on challenge but I tried them anyway. As soon as everyone was finished we went into Literature Circles.

First, we got out our Lit. Circles job sheet, the illustrator sheet, and showed them on the E.L.M.O. We talked about them for a minute and then got out our levels of question packets. We clarified the levels to use and not to use. Then Mr. Coley passed out our new Lit. Circles folder, and we went over what was inside them. There was a white assignment sheet inside, a yellow piece of paper and a job sheet reviewing the jobs. He explained how to make our job wheels. They are wheels that help you chose your next job in Literature circles. Then he assigned us into groups. We got with our groups and agreed on a book.  We quickly decided on our jobs and then we talked about our books. Then came the part where he made our mouths drop open. The consequences! He told us if we don’t do our job we would have to do all five! But all of the sudden it was time for recess.

As soon as everyone came in the class all scrambled out, well only a few of us stayed behind because it was their math class. I got some whiteboards for my table, so did everyone else, and everyone in our math class came in. When everyone was seated we held up our homework pages which were problem of the week and page 117 from our textbooks. We did math cards and our time was 2:41, and then we graded both our pages of homework. When we finished we did a fun activity with aliens and spacemen we thought it was impossible but then he showed us it wasn’t. But just like that we left for lunch.

Upon our returning to class, we did S.S.R (Super Silent Reading).We all got out our silent reading books then we began reading for about 30 minutes. A few people had to do some A.R tests, but then Mr. Coley told us it was time for Friday Business.

First we had to get the Weekly Homophone Challenge guessing jar Mr. Coley poured the guesses in the chargers hat and shuffled them around. Finally he picked out the name of the winner. It was Cat! Then Mr. Coley said that Clarissa was the Student of the Week. Deal or No Deal had Began and Cat’s final deal was $100,000. But sadly Cat had a chance of winning $400,000 and it was in her case. But right after we packed up, checked the floor and headed out for P.E.

In P.E we played nation ball. It’s where you have one ball and 2 goalies. They go behind the boundaries of the other team. A ball goes flying back and forth from either side of the court until none of the players are left. We only got out a few people before one of the best Fridays was over. 

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