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Monday, October 18, 2010
Reported by Connor

Today was another wonderful day in Mr. Coley’s classroom! Even though it was an early release day, it was packed. We got to play, talk, and draw. Now here’s what we did today:

Before school, I was playing wall ball with my friends. Since it was the beginning of the day we had to play with the fourth-graders, who we try to avoid playing with if we can help it.  My friend Jonathon said, “I hate fourth-graders! They always cheat!” Every court was taken so we had to play with them or not at all. We found the people that play closest to the way we play, which is no holding the ball with two hands, no spinning, and no slices (low hits that scrape the ground and are almost impossible to hit if you do a good one). We had fun.

Right after the bell rang we came into class and started unpacking our book bags.  We wrote our homework for tonight in our agendas (Mr. Coley has the assignments written on the board). After all that was finished we checked our boxes and silently read a book.

We had to hurry in doing that because we had a Meet the Masters assembly at 8:45. Meet the Masters is an assembly where we talk about artists and what they painted during their lives. Today we learned about M.C. Escher. He painted tessellations and impossible worlds. Tessellations are things that go together with no gaps or spaces, like a puzzle.

After getting back to class, we took our spelling pre-test. Some of the words were: sparkle, single, whistle, puzzle, bushel, ankle, devil, influential, and neutral.

Once we finished, we went into Reading. In Reading we introduced our new book, La Bamba. Before we start reading in our reading book we always do a vocabulary sheet of words in the story. On it we write the definition then we draw a picture of the word.

In Social Studies we finished drawing flowcharts about the English colonies. Flowcharts are charts listing events in order with drawing and coloring. It talked about how most early colonies failed without the labor of women to grow crops and wash clothes. Without the women they failed because the men were too lazy to do “women’s work”.

When the bell rang for recess I ran outside and ate my snack (sugar cookies that my Mom made). After that I played wall ball. Every recess I play wall ball with a few other friend: Michael, Van, Mason, and Jonathon.

Next was math. We switched classes as usual. I stay in Mr. Coley’s class. When everyone was here we started math class. Mr. Coley passed out our Weekly Challenge and explained what to do. Then we took a practice test to prepare for tomorrows test.

At 12:45 it was time for lunch, so we headed down to the Multi Purpose Room (M.P.R.).  When I got my lunch of chicken nuggets, a cookie, chocolate milk and apple juice, I sat down to eat. After I’d finished I had to play wall ball with the dreaded fourth-graders. When they left I had to run to get a ball because no one would give us a ball.

Afterwards we packed up to leave. When the bell rang I was relieved to get out of class.

As you can see we did a lot today. Even though it was a short day we got everything in that we had to! It was a fun and busy day!!

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