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Tuesday, October 19, 2010
Reported by Marcus

On this Fall day I knew it was going to be a very cold day.  According to weatherchannel.com, the temperature was going to be no higher than 60o in Murrieta.  The school bell rang at 8:20 a.m. so the class gathered by Mr. Coley’s classroom.  We then went inside and Mr. Coley greeted us by saying, “Good morning class, lets get started by showing me you have your homework.”

When class started, the first thing that we did was show Mr. Coley that we had our homework from the night before, which was our math and our spelling.  The next thing we did was D.M.A.  D.M.A. stands for daily morning activities.  During D.M.A we did two language questions on the Philippines.  As a side note, my grandmother is currently in the Philippines.  I am half Filipino.  So going over something about the Philippines in class was very interesting to me.

We then also had to do two analogies and one geography question. Next, we wrote down our homework and checked our boxes.  Shortly after, Mr. Coley then said, “Please get your correcting pens out so we can correct your D.M.A.”  Today my classmate Talyn was chosen to be the teacher.  The next thing that we did was talk about similes and metaphors.  Similes are a comparison of things that are not alike and use the words “like” and “as”.  An example of a simile would be, “As big as a bus”.  And metaphors compare how two things are not alike in most ways but are alike in one important way.  An example of a metaphor would be, “My Cat is as stubborn as a mule”.  We then listened to Mr. Coley as he read a Houghton and Mifflin story called “La Bamba”.

After he read to us, we went to the computer lab to do our explorer report bibliographies.  Halfway through our computer lab time Mr. Coley said that even college students have trouble doing a bibliography since everything has to be perfect.  Only a couple of us didn’t get to print so he told us that we would be able to do this on Thursday since he wouldn’t be here on Wednesday.  When we came back we put our Explorer reports away and got our pencils out.  Then we directed our attention to Mr. Coley because he started telling the class about next weeks writing prompt. He then passed out two papers and said that we were going to do a practice writing practice prompt about a vacation or an outing. 

Our math class is a little different because all of the fifth graders at Tovashal have been assigned to be in a specific group.  You don’t always get to stay with your regular teacher.  So before we left for recess all the students that were not assigned to Mr. Coley’s math class had to get their math books ready to go to their assigned math teacher.   The students that were in Mr. Coley’s math class, had to get their pencil and book ready so there would not be a lot of time wasted once we were finished with recess.

Finally, it was time for recess but since it was raining we had to go into the Multi-purpose room.  They had a movie on for us in there but most of the fifth graders had already seen it.

Upon returning from recess the first thing that we did was to get to our seat so that the other kids assigned to Mr. Coley’s math class could be seated and could get ready too.  Once we were all settled, we had to do our normal routine with math cards. Math cards are cards that have questions on them and only one person should have the correct answer.  It is almost like a game.  When that was over he asked us to hold up our homework from the night before which was a review of what we’ve already done.  The math class then checked it and passed it in.  After that we took the math test that Mr. Coley told us about the week before.  At the end of math class Mr. Coley told us that he wouldn’t be here tomorrow and that we would be playing some games that we’ve played before.

When Math class ended Mr. Coley told us to line up for lunch.  It was still raining hard so were still not allowed to play outside.  Our class had to join Mr. Henning’s class in one of the portable classrooms to watch “Jimmy Neutron,” another movie.

When we returned to class we pulled out our writing about vacations or outings.  This was the writing assignment we started earlier in the day.  Mr. Coley said that he had changed the subject to make it easier for some of us. At about 2 p.m. we left the classroom to go to the Library until 2:30 p.m. so that we could checkout more books to read. 

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