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Wednesday, October 20, 2010
Reported by Myles

Hi, I’m myles and I will be your Roving Reporter for today.

First I’m going to start with D.M.A. the first thing we do is language. In language we do to sentences. We talked about animals and people. After that, we correct the sentences and give it a score. Next we do analogies. Analogies are numbers or words that you compare by synonyms or antonyms. Last but not least, geography. Geography is kind of like social studies. Any way, are question was: What does a star on a map symbolize?  The answer was a capital.

Once that was done we moved in to spelling. In spelling we corrected page 180 and 181. On page 180 we sorted are spelling words by LE, AL, EL. After that, on page 181 we found out what the ending was and put it on the line.

When we finished we went to reading. In reading we are reading a book called La Bamba. Today we listened to the CD. After we took a Comprehension Quiz. The main characters name is Manuel.

Next we moved into writing. In writing we wrote an essay on a time you got scared. Also we did righting for almost an hour and thirty minutes

At 11:15 we went to recess. At recess the grass was to wet so we played football on the blacktop which is the ground. The score was 28 to 34 my team lost.

When that was over I went back to my class, got my math books, and went to math. When I got there we did a practice test with my teacher Mr. Henning. Next we corrected our homework from yesterday, and our homework is functions, and equations.

At lunch we played football again. I had a touchdown and one interception. This time my team won 28 to 14. It was fun

Then we moved into silent reading. In silent reading I read a book called Soldiers Heart. It’s a very interesting, exciting book.

Finally it’s P.E! In P.E we played dodge ball. We were supposed to play 4 corners because we thought it would rain, but it didn’t. It was really fun, and I got out once because Ryan got my foot. We couldn’t do the quiet seat because our substitute teacher Mrs. Davidson didn’t know what it was. Then we packed up and left

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