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Thursday, October 21, 2010
Reported by Elaina

The day started with our Dailey Morning Activities (D.M.A.).  In D.M.A. we did a language arts category.  In language arts we have a sentence with a few grammar mistakes.  For example, one of today’s sentences was, heat is lost threw the animals ears.  The correct way to write this sentence is; Heat is lost through the animals’ ears.  After the language arts category we focused on analogies.  In analogies we have problems like this: 3:8: :N: __    in which you have to find the connection.  Today’s analogy answer was 3:8:: N: S because 3+5=8 so N+5letters=S.  The last thing we did during D.M.A. was geography.  Today’s geography question was; in what state is the Great Salt Lake found?  The answer is Utah.

Next on the agenda was spelling.  In spelling we corrected our crossword puzzle.  In this week’s crossword puzzle we had to use our spelling words instead of using words the paper provides.  Speaking of spelling, this week’s spelling words are:  jewel, sparkle, angle, shovel, single, normal, angel, legal, whistle, fossil, puzzle, bushel, mortal, gentle, level, label, pedal, ankle, needle, and devil.  This week’s challenge words are: mineral, influential, vital, neutral, and kernel.

After spelling we graded our Science Weekly crossword puzzle.  Science Weekly is like a science newspaper for kids.  This publication includes a crossword puzzle on the back in which the answers to are hidden in the reading section.

Once we were done grading our Science Weekly it was time for reading.  During reading we worked on pages 93-94 in our practice books.  After we finished the problems we reviewed and corrected them together.

Finally it was time for social studies.  In social studies we are learning about how Columbus discovered America and the colonies being established thereafter.  As you may recall, we are doing reports on the early explorers of North and South America.  Did you hear the story about the lost colony of Roanoke?  Let me give you a brief overview, England had stolen land that Spain had already claimed and decided to start a colony on it.  They brought 100 men and boys to settle in the area and prevent the Spaniards from reclaiming the land.  After the men suffered starvation and freezing temperatures they decided to return to England.  After the failed attempt to colonize the area they made a second attempt including both men and women.  The newly established colony was a success until the Governor, John White returned to England for supplies and was unable to return due to the war between Spain and England.  After a 3 year absence Governor White returned to Roanoke only to find the colony deserted. 

When that was over, it was time to go to lunch.  Upon returning to class from lunch we proceeded to math, in which you switch classes.  Two classes were taking a test, Henning and Becker, while the other two, Coley and Martinez, focused on their daily assignments.

Then, hallelujah, it was time for, as Mr. Coley calls it, super silent reading (S.S.R.).  During S.S.R. the classroom librarian picked two sticks for the beanbags.  S.S.R. usually lasts ten to fifteen minutes.  During S.S.R. you can either read a book of your choice or a literature circles book.  Regardless of which you choose it is important that you don’t forget to bring your own book, which would be a big mistake!

Later we moved on to science.  In science we are learning about the human body.  To be more specific, we are learning about the digestive system.  Did you know that the large intestine, if stretched out, can be up to one hundred and twenty feet long?

At 2:30 it was time to pack up and leave.  Before we went Mr. Coley said, “Don’t forget anything here because you can’t come back and get it.” Then as quick as a lightning bolt, everyone went home.

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