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Friday, October 22, 2010
Reported by Sam

Hi! My name is Sam and I am Roving Reporter today October 22, 2010. As you probably know, Roving Reporters job is to write all about what Mr. Coley’s class did that day. That is exactly what I am going to do.

Ok, first on the agenda was Friday Flag. At Friday Flag today we met our super heroes that we voted for in the book fair. The super heroes were, Super Reader and an Army Man. Next we pulled out shark bites. One of the people the pulled out was my brother Sean. That is what we did at Friday Flag.

After that was D.M.A. In D.M.A today we had Language, Analogies, and Geography. The question in Geography was what 3 states cross through the equator? Language was to correct sentences and Analogies was to match.

Next up was a spelling test. I was on the challenge list so had to do the challenge words that were, mineral, influential, vital neutral, and kernel.

Next was Lit. Circles. In Lit. Circles you get in a group and read books and do jobs. Like discussion director, word finder, correspondent, and illustrator. My job this week is word finder.

Once we finished we did writing. In writing today we practiced writing prompts for our big writing prompt. We are writing about our scariest experience.

Afterwards was math. I am in Mrs. Martinez’s math class. Today in math we had a test on chapter 3. All in the test was rounding.

When that was over, we had S.S.R. S.S.R stands for silent, silent, reading. In S.S.R I read a book called Jack. Jack is about a dog who needs a home and has to stay at a family’s house and then destroys it.

Finally, we had Friday Business. In Friday Business we do W.H.C (weekly homophone challenge).They get to play our classroom version of Deal or No Deal. Then the teacher announced who the star of the week was and it was Ethan. The winner of the W.H.C Marcus.

Then we had P.E. In P.E we did dodge ball. We Were going to do girls vs. Boys but it was obvious that the boys were going to win.

Well that wraps up our day today once again I am Roving Reporter Sam on October 22, 2010

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