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Monday, October 25, 2010
Reported by Ryan

Hi, I’m the Roving Reporter today, October 25, 2010. I will cover all the activities that Mr. Coley’s class did today.

It all began with an overcast morning. My mom was rushing to get my little sister to kindergarten. The loop was crowded though. We finally got in at 8:05. I had to walk her in because we were running late. I rushed her over to her classroom, went to the multipurpose room and sold Boo Grams to other students at Tovashal. It was kind of a hassle because many of people want to give their friends Silly Bands, so I had to dig them out. We eventually found enough Silly Bands for the students. Then the bell finally rang.

When I arrived at class at 8:20, we had a clutter of people talking to their friends, playing Sticks and some were just sitting there. When we walked in, we got out our D.M.A notebooks. We had to grade incorrect sentences, do analogies and a geography question. An example of some appealing facts we learned is that scorpions escape from heat by hiding beneath stones, and animals lose heat through their ears. Right after we finish D.m.a, we right down our homework. After that, we check our box. I only got to the part where we right down our homework.

Following that, Mr. Coley picked jobs. I had a job last week however I still had a chance today. He called all the remaining people in the mug but still had jobs left over. He put everyone back in except the people that he just called. Mr. Coley called out more names and eventually the jobs were filled with workers. Afterwards, we pulled out our old paychecks and got out new ones. You earn Coley Cash if you have any money on your old paycheck. I think everyone had at least one dollar.

Then we got ready to get our 11th spelling pretest paper from the paper monitors. We always take out our small white tray that holds important things in it because it is the perfect size to cover our words. If you missed zero, one or two you are required to do the challenge words. Next, the paper monitors passed out the spelling sheet with all our words typed on it correctly. We have to highlight the words we missed so we can study them.

After the previous subject, we opened our Practice Book to page eighty-eight. We talked about what spec and opt mean. We learned that spec means “to look at,” and opt means “eye.” Then we finished the page on spec and opt. An example question is a person that makes or sells eyeglasses. The answer is optician. Right after I finished we corrected it. I think the class thought it was easy. After that, we all flipped a page back. To my surprise, it was a story that we had to find the main characters, the setting, the plot, what the problem is and the solution. We did it as a class because the story we are reading is focusing on is evaluate the story. We ripped it out when we were done.

Next on the agenda was reading but we skipped it because approximately everybody wasn’t done. We were writing about a scary experience from a movie, a serious scary thing like breaking your leg or somebody scaring you. I was on my final draft like many other students. I was writing about a serious scary experience for my parents and I.

Instead of social studies like the agenda had on the backboard Mr. Coley decided to read Where the Red Fern Grows. Today we read that Billy needed to train his dogs to hunt. In desperation, he asked his grandpa to help. He showed him how to catch a coon. Billy listened as well as a dog can hear to his grandpa. He told Billy that you just bore a hole in a hollow log; put a shiny object in there and then put two nails in the log. Billy pictured himself catching a coon and how excited he’d be. His excitement quickly wore off because the coon could just let go and his hand would be free. He told his grandpa and he laughed. His grandpa said,” I had a coon as a pet and it never let go of anything shiny.”

At recess, the field was blocked so all the students that played football either played football on the blacktop, played basketball or wall ball. I was one of the students that played football. Many people wanted to join the game in the middle of it. Most of them we let play. Others, we didn’t because we had too many people playing. The bell finally went bong. Bong. Bong.

Upon returning to class, we had rotations for math. I just sat there because I was in my homeroom’s math class along with about five other students. First, we did a brain warm up called Math Cards. We didn’t beat our time today though. Well That’s okay because it’s a Monday and our brains aren’t fresh from the weekend. Afterwards, we looked at our graded test. Mr. Coley said,” Most of you did well.” Then we corrected our Weekly Challenge faster than we ever had because the sub forgot to do it on Friday. Following that, we checked our pretest. I’m guessing that most people didn’t get what they hoped to get. After that, Mr. Coley went over all the problems. I heard many oohhhs and that signifies that they get it. Some words were like vocabulary such as commutative property, zero property, distributive property and identity property. Many of the problems Mr. Coley showed us the students had more than one way to do the problem.

At lunch, I sat and ate with my friends, Joshua and Lucas. I must have eaten for a long time because we eat lunch with the 4th graders on Monday and their bell rang. Then I played the usual, football. As I had suspected, shortly after I had played the aids told us to line up.

Upon returning to class, we checked if we had all of our homework in our backpack. Mr. Coley does not like it when we forget our homework because he says,” Don’t think. Know if you have all your homework.” Afterwards, Mr. Coley read Where the Red Fern Grows. Today Billy set up 14 traps hoping to catch a coon. Then he went back into his house and thought all night about catching a coon. When he woke up in the morning not one coon was in his traps. Discouraged he walked back in his house and told his father. His father thought that he had left to much scent around. When that was over, Mr. Coley announced that the Quiet Seat was quiet. Everyone silently cheered. Mr. Coley gave indications of who the Quiet Seat was by giving clues. An example of a clue is that the name is stressed at the second syllable. The Quiet seat ended up being Clarissa!!! Congratulations! I hope you read my next Roving Reporter! Bye.

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