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Wednesday, October 27, 2010
Reported by Taylyn

Hi I’m Taylyn, #16 and I will be your roving reporter for today, October 27, 2010.

Ok, first was DMA. In DMA we did 5 problems like we normally do. Today’s DMA was pretty basic stuff. I missed 2 or 3 problems.

After DMA was spelling. In spelling we checked Monday’s homework, practice book page 203, and yesterday’s homework, page 204.

Then room 34 played BUZZ! Buzz is an outstanding game about spelling. Here’s how you play…

STEP 1 . First decide a buzz letter.

STEP 2. Let’s say the word was dolphin and the buzz letter was I, then it would be… d...o...l...p...h...buzz...n.

That’s how you play!

Next was reading. During that period of time we had read sentences from Tuesdays practice page. We read some, looked them over, and turned them in. One of mine was… After he did step 1 he stepped on to stage. I used the word step or the past tense version, stepped.

Vocabulary was next on our agenda. We took a quiz on La Bamba. While I was waiting for everyone to finish I happily read a depressing book called The Reptile Room.

Afterwards, we wrote a narrative writing of a memorable day. I wrote about a time I almost cracked my skull.

As the day drifted on, math came. My math teacher, Mr. Henning said, “I have a review for you today.”

The review went by fast. Then it was time! Time for the multiplication wall. I always get stuck on 9*8. I tried it 3 times and failed 3 times.

For science we wrote about the digestive system in our notebooks.

We then packed up and left for home.

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